Friday, 7 November 2014

Oven Baked Bread, Without Kneading!

Hi Guys,

Can't believe I checked out of bloglandia for so long! Lately life has been going a million miles a minute and I just haven't had any spare time. I have been trying to catch up with all the happenings but aty this point I am so far behind if I haven't said hi in a while I am coming. Since I haven't been doing much in the way of crafting or DIY I thought I would share a guest post from earlier in the year.

The post first appeared at With a Blast

Now I must admit, I am not a fan of cooking but I love to bake and one of my favourite things to bake is bread. Before you say baking bread is hard and annoying and time consuming, what if I told you all you have to do was chuck it in the bread maker and then get on with your normal routine then come back to it when you're ready to bake?

That's exactly what I do. Using my bulk bread maker recipe which you can find here

Ingredients - Add to bread maker in the exact order.
3&1/2 cups of Bread Maker Mix - recipe for bulk mix here
2 tsp of Dried Yeast
1 cup of Mixed Dried Fruit
1 tsp of Cinnamon
1&1/2 tbs of Olive Oil
1&1/4 cups of warm water (just slightly warm to touch, water that's too hot will kill the yeast and your dough won't rise 

Now I think you all know how to pour stuff into a bread maker but I like to use the dough setting rather than the bread so I can have these rustic free form loaves. Once the bread maker is set, go shopping for an hour or more, your bread will sit quite happily in the bread maker until you're ready to come back to it.

First spray down the tray, really well or use olive oil to oil the spray. I like quick and easy so I just use the spray, and dump the dough onto the tray.

Wrap it in plastic wrap but allow room for the bread to rise, leave it in a warm place then go and have a coffee or do something fun.

Come back in half an hour and it should have doubled in size.

Bake it in a moderate oven 180 Celsius or 350F for approximatly 30 mins. Be aware that this does depend on your oven, mine is brand new and it's exactly 30 mins, my old oven was dying and running very hot I found 22 minutes was enough in that oven. Isn't that bread just awesome.

Then slice it up and watch it disappear in front of your eyes. My 5 kids can eat 2 loaves of this for afternoon tea between them. (I admit two of them are teenage boys and never seem able to fill their stomachs)

Truly delicious and almost no work! you can shop and sit around drinking coffee because this is pretty much a waiting game and don't forget to check out my bread maker mix, it is seriously the best thing......since sliced bread. (bad joke lets all groan together)

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Mel xo


  1. That would be so yummy fresh out of the over with a little butter on it! I love fresh bread and need to make it every now and then. It's just the hubby and I these days and we really don't eat much bread, but if I baked it fresh, we would! Have a lovely Friday.

    Blessings, Vicky

  2. Perfect bread for the holidays !

  3. Let me start by saying this may be the worst blog comment you ever receive. But it's all love, girl.

    The first picture looks like a horse's head without the eyes and ears part. Then you're suffocating the poor horse. Then the horse is bloated. Then you bake the poor horse. Then you cut the poor horse. I guess he's now a quarter horse.

    Other than that, it looks FAB!!!!!


    1. Let me answer by saying your hilarious and from here on we are going to call this horse bread and my kids will love it even more. Worst blog comment....I think you mean best comment ever!

    2. You're not your apparently laughter causes incorrect spelling.

  4. Looks very yummy, horse head or not. ;) I miss bread. Gluten free bread just doesn't compare. My attempts with a bread maker have been a disaster. ugh!

  5. I think Andi has issues... LOL! The bread sounds delicious Mel! The best part for me is all the shopping and coffee drinking you promote! Sounds good to me!

  6. I think what Andi is really trying to say is that she wants a horse for Christmas.....Phil, can you hear me??? BTW I love raisin bread....this looks even more yummy!

  7. Horse bread! LOL! Looks delicious and you know what my next question is......pudding?

  8. Now this is my kind of bread recipe! Sounds delish Mel! Pinned :)

  9. I had to go look at the bread again after Andi's comment. i now do see an animal there - but a delicious one! Horse bread for everyone!

  10. Almost on work and delicious...sounds like a win win to me! Yum. I bet this gets eaten quickly at the mansion.

  11. I think it would be nice to have a bread maker. Could be dangerous though, since good bread is one of the few foods I have a weakness for... Your bread looks good here.

  12. YUM!!! I so want to make this, love easy and love bread.

  13. wow that came out great! love fresh bread

  14. I love the less work idea! It looks fab!!!


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