Monday, 25 March 2013

Food From Our Heritage - Inspiration Cafe

We're excited to bring you a new series at the Inspiration Cafe.  For the next 5 Mondays, the girls are going to be sharing a food dish from our heritage, culture or that has special meaning to us.  At the end of this series, we're going to have our first link party and ask YOU to link up a dish that is special to your culture or heritage.
Natalie from NorthShore Days is kicking this series off with Durban Beef Bunny Chow as she grew up in Durban in South Africa. (Did you know that?)
 Looks delicious doesn't it?  Just click on the global door to the Inspiration Cafe and we'll take you there to see what this delicious Beef dish is all about. 
Do you have a dish from your heritage that you would be willing to share at our link party?  If so, write a post about it sometime during the next 5 weeks and then come back here the last week of April and link it up!  Should be some global fun!


  1. Oh my gosh, this looks good! What would my little Canadian self prepare? Whale blubber?

  2. I just went over to visit, it looks like a fun dish to serve when people are visiting!

  3. I agree that this is "the" food of Durban! We get it in Gauteng as well, but there is no comparison to the ones served in Durban, I have made my own as well, but nowhere close to the real thing ! Natalie's look great :-)

  4. Fab idea! Can't wait to see all the different dishes:)

    Estelle xx


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