Friday, 22 March 2013

Polymer Clay Football Bangles

Autumn is here and in Australia that means one thing, FOOTY!!!!! Or for those of you not from these parts Australian Rules Football.

We love our footy in this house and the first game of the season sees our team, The Essendon Bombers play and I wanted a little something to cheer the team on.

Enter the awesome folk at Wholeport who sent me their wonderful polymer clay to play with. So I twisted up some clay in my team colors and shaped it into a bangle. Look at those colours!

Then Elizabeth decided she wanted something pretty in blue so she made a lovely plaited bangle.

This is one craft supply that will have the imagination working and the kids quiet while kneading their clay.

Then I thought I would try one of those clay covered pens in my team colors..sadly this did not work out

First Attempt was the red and black, I used the recommended pens I have seen all over the internet and it melted.
Second attempt was the green and yellow, I tried lowering the oven and the pen melted again.

Third Attempt I tried a different style of plastic pen with the lower oven temp, this worked much better but the pen still warped.

I gave up with the oven and tried the steam method. Wholeport's clay does not have to be baked, it can be steamed or boiled. Attempt number 4 was steamed, sadly then pen melted again. On the plus side the steam method did cure the clay and I think going forward this will be the method I will use. I actually used the baby bottle steamer and it worked great and since it normally has plastic in it, it's made me certain is has something to do with the pens.

I didn't try the boiling method because I have teflon pots and I am unsure if it is safe to use with them and (fingers crossed) I'll never use the baby bottle steamer for bottles again so it is not going to matter how it gets used.

If you're entertaining kids over the Easter period grab yourself some polymer clay and have some fun. I will have more projects to share with this clay after the holidays.

Thanks for reading

Mel xo


  1. Fun bracelets Mel! Do you need me to send you some more pens?? I always wondered how that worked, because the pens look so cool!

  2. The bracelets are so cute. I must be living under a rock, because I haven't seen polymer clay covered pens. I'm clueless, wouldn't the ink dry out in the oven?

  3. I've never seen those pens before! Really neat idea!

  4. They must be made with an air dry clay you think? No one here watches sports...thank more FUN thing I don't have to decorate for, make food for, or buy special clothes for! Have fun during Footy season!

  5. Oh how funny. So even Max is done with bottles, huh? You certainly make cute babies. These bangles look like fun. I haven't worked too much with clay, a bit pricey for me. I hope one day I'll come across some at Goodwill :). These bracelets look great! You are the jewelry making queen.

  6. I'm going to horrify you now and tell you we don't watch footy, but I'll just pretend I do and say go bombers ;)

    Love the clay bangles, defo one to remember for the Easter hols!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  7. We've got basketball season running here right now and those would be great for that too. Woot!

    Sorry about your pens. :(

  8. We're still in snow shovelling season so I'm not sure what theme I can go for on my jewellery. I do have some clay that I keep meaning to work with and this is inspiring me to get at and do it!

  9. So cute. I can't say I have ever seen this clay. I think somebody should have spoken up sooner about crossing your just doesn't work! lol SORRY...I just had to say that.

  10. Wow - I've never even heard of polymer clay - am I behind the times or what?
    Really cute bracelets Mel -
    Maureen - HOCKEY -

  11. Cute bangles, Mel! Polymer clay is being used a lot in SA for making jewelry etc, but I have never tried making anything ;-)

  12. Girl I love the Polymer Clay.... That is awesome ... I love your blog and YOUR spirit. I always learn great things here. Thanks for all you do for us blogging sisters and the sweet comments that you leave. GLAD that I came across your path.. HUGS ....................

  13. Oh NICE!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality last week! HAPPY EASTER!!

  14. I have never heard of polymer clay, Mel, but now I want to find some! I love the bangle, so adorable - love that color blue...and the pen covers are awesome, I bet they are so comfy to write with!


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