Monday, 14 April 2014


Hey Guys,

As you know I am on school holidays with the kids and we have had an entire week of rain, boo! I have done nothing but I did see this recently over at Sew Delicious so I totally stole this idea from Ros.

Making: I'm currently in the middle of three large projects, knitting a top for Madeleine, doing a hexi quilt and I have cut the pattern for a bunch of hand puppets. We are also tackling the floors this weekend.

Cooking: Roast Chicken for dinner tonight, yum.

Drinking: I have a bottle of pink moscato chilling ready for bedtime.

Reading: The Highland Barbarian - It was free on kindle, it's a trashy romance but I love when they mention real historical people. This one has Mary, Queen of Scots in it.

Wanting: To get some felt to finish my puppets and new stitch markers for my knitting mine seem to have disappeared.

Looking: At Craft room ideas, still can't get over the size of some of those craft rooms.

Playing: Pet Rescue Saga

Wasting: The one day I could have finished the laundry by watching an entire seasons of Scrubs with the kids.

Sewing: Puppets and the quilt I mentioned earlier.

Wishing: That I had the skills to pull off some of my ideas, in my head they're great....perhaps they're better left there

Enjoying: Having the older kids home, even if they do tend to drive me a little crazy.

Waiting: For pay day - monthly pays suck BIG time!!

Liking: The the idea we have for the floors, man I hope it turns out well.

Wondering: If my two little ones will go a day without completely destroying their room.

Loving: Having tea parties with Madeleine and watching her enjoy "chocolate" tea.

Hoping: That the weather is good over Easter so the kids can enjoy some time down the beach.

Marvelling: AT Samuel and how well he is doing in his after school job. After a few months he is now training new kids. He's working so many hours over the holiday, he's loving the extra cash.

Needing: A hot bath!

Watching: Scrubs, never fails to make me laugh out loud

Smelling: The the roast cooking.

Wearing: jeans and a nice top, so odd for me not having yoga pants on.

Following: The story of a young girl that disappeared, glad to say she's back with her mother.

Noticing: That Max is getting so big, a new haircut and he no longer looks like my baby :(

Knowing: That I have less than 2 years with Samuel in High School then he will be off in the big world and it thrills and frightens me at the same time

Thinking: I'd like to retire to the country, and counting how many years until I can do just that.

Feeling: A little concerned about Jule's job. His company has been bought out by another and they have been letting a lot of people go. 

Bookmarking: Activities for my little two. Especially Madeleine who now wants to craft all the time.

Opening: The mail, nothing exciting!

Giggling: At Scrubs, it's fun introducing the kids to my favourite shows and seeing it new in their eyes. I love that they share my sense of humour.

To anyone who actually read all of that, thanks, to those who didn' was a lot don't feel bad.

See ya after Easter,

Mel xo


  1. You really do like Scrubs ! I've never watched it, but do know "about" it ;-) Lots going on with the kids - as usual, I think, with most kids.Know what you mean about Samuel leaving school in 2 years :( Dimitri finished school the one year and the Cheri the very next year ! I hope you will share the quilt with us, once it is done - I love quilts, but no skills and also no patience to make my own !

  2. Sounds like you are busy...I love the tea parties with Madeleine :)

  3. My hubby loves Scrubs and I love him so I guess we have something in common, lol! It was fun reading your list of life, as I call it. Some funny, some not much. I do hope everything works out well for Jules. I know first hand what it is when a company is bought out. Have a wonderful time with the kids during Easter break . . . . your plate is really full!

  4. We like scrubs too!!! I hate job uncertainy- we've definitely been there. Self employed so I guess we stay there, lol! Every time things end up differently than we hoped for; something better has come along.

  5. Scrubs is hilarious, what a wonderful way to spend a day. I wish you the best regarding Jules' job. I hope you get your felt soon.

  6. Maybe I just have no life of my own, but I love reading about what's going on with you. :) Forget about the large craft rooms. I have come to realize that no matter how much room I have, it will fill up and become disorganized. Better to have a small space- then you have to be more selective about what you hoard. I am so overwhelmed right now with all I need to purge that I am paralyzed and can't seem to just do it.

  7. I love scrubs too! A very funny show. A day spent laughing together is never a wasted day! Excited to see all the going ons there after your break. Have a wonderful Easter holiday Mel!! Cheers.

  8. I've never seen Scrubs, but I've heard of it. Maybe I'll have to check it out sometime. As a little girl I loved tea parties... and still do. lol. My craft room is small, and I've learned that it doesn't really matter how much space I have... or how organized I start out. I'll always have to purge every once in a while. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your floor. I hope you have a fabulous Easter Mel!

  9. This is a fun list. It's a great idea for a blog post! Have a happy Easter!

  10. I don't think you've wasted a single moment! I admire how lovely your days are sounding. Even the rain can be a blessing that keeps everyone cooped up together and forced to enjoy each others company. Your book sounds intriguing. I've been watching Reign, do you all get that? It's a loosely based story about Mary Queen of Scots and I'm loving it. I hope you have nicer weather for Easter and that you are enjoying your break xoxo

  11. awww, I love seeing a glimpse into your day. :) Super loved it all, and ready every last bit.

  12. Ha, love the wishing one - my hub always says the things in my head don't exist lol! But I know better, if I see it then I can create it :)

    These kiddos certainly grow up fast!

    Enjoy the rest of the hols xx

  13. Ooh Highland Barbarian sounds good - love a good trashy read! Glad you stole this idea! xx

  14. Wow, when you see your day all listed there's a lot going on! It's all good though and that's what matters.

  15. What a fun post. I loved feeling like we were chatting on the I actually know what you are up to. Made me feel as if I know you a little bit better. I hope Jules finds out soon, he'll have job security. Until then, enjoy that roast, that wine and crafting with the kids :)

  16. OMG....chocolate TEA????? I'm coming to your house.

    Happy Easter!!


  17. I need to watch Scrubs... this was a fun post Mel.
    Happy Easter :)

  18. I'm just back to wish you a Happy Easter. :)

  19. Well I did read all of that and only about 10 days late! No idea how I missed it....okay yes I do in box is jammed and I'm so far behind! I loved reading this and I'm totally stealing it from you one of these days!


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