Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Ch ch ch changes

Hey there,

Well I said I would be back in a week it's been two, however a few net issues, by that I mean the kids streamed that much netflix I ran out of data..and by kids I mean me and Jules.

Anyway while we are on the subject of Netflix, I must tell you that it only came to Australia in March and how excited are we!! I have been reliving all my fave shows from the 90's and most recently Ally McBeal. In one episode her therapist suggests a theme song, and I actually thought, hey I need a theme song, but then it was too hard to pick just one, so I've decided to score my life, yes I am a total dork!

Change is the theme this week because there have been quite a few here and I thought I would bring you up to speed on a few of them.

The entry, it began its sad life looking like this

Then I went on a red and white kick, what I discovered is while I love it on Pinterest I can not live with it. I also realized that in order to stop making things over I had to really decide what do I like so I left it, for 13 months.

Also I am somewhat cash poor so these new makeovers had to be pretty much free and I had to love it, here she is. 

With the exception of the flooring which I will discuss more in the lounge, the make over came to the grand total of $28.10, mirrors free from my sister, table free from my uncle, large pink bottle 10 cents two smaller pink bottles $7 at a vintage market. A bit pricey for what they are but when you fall in love you fall in love. and $21 for the candles which I use because, it seems silly to buy them then not use them, they burn for about a month lit each evening when the little two go to bed. 

Now the lounge it was terrible with that carpet.

Painting the floor seemed like a great idea, but oh my goodness it turned out to be terrible. I got chipped and dirty and was so cold. It was worse looking than the carpet, I actually cried more than once.

The rest of the iron furniture was pretty but the glass tops also became putrid with the kids touching it all the time. Nothing ever looked clean.

Then we were watching Better Homes and Gardens and he was using peel and stick tiles, woah they looked fantastic, so off to Bunnings we went.

I will honesty say it has changed my life, that might seem over the top but I was so embarrassed, not only did I feel depressed every morning as soon as I saw it as it was but I didn't invite anyone to my house for over a year. 

The faux fireplace, I love I still don't know whether to paint it or not, but one of the lessons I learned on my break was if in doubt just wait. It still looks pretty.

Last year I said I dreamed of a country cottage filled with quilts, well why can't I have it now, they do say love the one you're with. The coffee table is on my not sure list too so we wait

I went with a clear glass vignette for under the television so as not to distract when we are watching tv.

There is a wooden bench under there, it will be painted once I decide on a colour, the artwork will go it's just not right for the place.

One day I am going to get a white sofa, however for now I choose to cling to the last remenants of my sanity and cash and keep my brown leather couch. Just yesterday I spotted some cushions I love so they're on my list.

We spent around $300 on the floor which isn't bad really, everything else was already in the garage apart from the mantle I bought last November $50 so $350, not over the top considering it was the floor.

What I can say is I'm much happier, the floor really did make a difference. I am inviting people over again and I don't wake up dreading seeing the eyesore that were those painted concrete floors. Others have had great success, but I will never try anything like that again. Those peel and stick tiles have been down 8 months, they are super kid friendly, easy clean and quite frankly the best money we've spent on this place.

So there's an update and of course this is my theme song for the week, take it away David Bowie

Mel xo


  1. Love the new floor! I wanted peel and stick for downstairs, but my husband didn't and we could not come to a compromise, so it's still the ugly stained carpet.

  2. Yes, you've made a lot of changes and it's wonderful to have you back sharing with us - your theme song is so appropriate! And I'm loving the new floors! What a difference! There are so many decorating ideas out there that others have tried and looked great. But sometimes the whole stories aren't told and we are taken in by the hype and it's a fail. I think this is what happen with you and painting your concrete floors and the results. Like I told one of my readers who scolded me because her project didn't turn out like mine . . . consider it like when you try a new recipe and it doesn't turn out the way it should have - maybe it wasn't followed exactly or you just did it your way. Who knows? Anyway, decorating is a work in progress, and as women, we are never satisfied and will always be making changes! Right on, Mel!

  3. Wow What a great makeover. Looks like you have made a lot of new changes. From Shreks mouth, "Change is good Donkey.". Love it Mel and so glad to see you back!! Cheers.

  4. I love the new flooring, but now I'm a little scared of my upcoming project. The concrete guy did a terrible job on our front porch, and we're planning to paint it. Uh-oh! I actually like your leather couch and have wished we had gone that route instead of fabric. Ours is dark blue, great for hiding dirt, but not so great if you want to change color schemes. :\

  5. Sheesh, that's a bunch of changes done {and yet to be done !} Must say I am totally in love with your vignette under the television - it just looks right and breezy ! I've lost all interest in changing anything in the house, probably because I can not do it myself, and if I wait for "da familia",,,, well, I'll be dust by then ;-) Nice to have an entry, at our house one just sort of plunder straight into the open area lounge/dining room.

  6. Wow, that is a bunch of ch ch ch changes, but it all looks great Mel. I love how light and airy it looks. I think it's so funny that I have that same coffee table all the way over here in the boonies of Ontario Canada. Mine's in my greenhouse waiting for its makeover... still, but I love the shape and the details. I know exactly what you mean about the flooring changing your life. I feel that way about the carpet upstairs. We've taken it out of the master bedroom, but still have the hallway and the guest room to do. It's absolutely horrid, and will be going as soon as this heat wave goes away. I hope. lol.

  7. Love the changes! The floor is fantastic and looks great. Everything does! So glad to have you back blogging. I have had so little time for blogging recently, but am hoping to get a post in this weekend! Have a great rest of the week.

  8. Your ch-ch-ch-changes are looking good! When that episode of Allie McBeal aired, I immediately picked a theme song. I am sure it was great, but I have forgotten it :>)))

  9. Girl...those floors look amazing. We do floors by trade and when I saw your photos on fb (the table) I thought you spent several thousand in hardwood. They look really nice. I'm thinking about doing a backslash in my kitchen with them but I thought it might be too tricky. Any headaches? We have lots of frustrating outdated things here and my budget is tight so I'm loving seeing all your updates and clever sourcing. What did you do with the writing desk in the entry?

  10. Congrats on your changes. Your floor looks great, and hurrah that you're inviting people over again. Socializing is good for the soul. :)

  11. Oh, sad that your painted floor made you cry. The floor looks really great, now I'm thinking I need some for my bathroom. How do they hold up with moisture?

  12. I am totally with you - I just re-did the kitchen in peel and stick granite tiles and the difference is amazing, makes me so happy to spend the majority of my day out there ;) Really love your room, you must be over the moon! xx

  13. Your house is looking so lovely! It is bright and happy. I love all that you've done and the transformations you've made along the way.

    Ironically, when Ally McBeal was popular, I often was told I looked like, I get Tina Fey ALL THE TIME.


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