Monday, 24 February 2014

Feb Fast, Failures And other Random Thoughts!


So I promised to do a weekly update of my Feb Fast see here for the details and I kept that promise as well as a kept to my goals...terribly!

Okay so we have managed to forego take away, but why I thought I would be able to give up such necessities as wine and the internet, what was I thinking??

You'll note I have been very quiet on the blog, I'd love to say that's because I have been busy doing all sorts of wonderful projects, but I haven't. I've completely lost my blogging mojo and I don't know how to get it back.

The couple of things I have done for the blog I just can't find the motivation to photograph and write up posts and there have been disasters, horrid ones, instead of seeing the funny side like I normally do I just want to cry...Sucking big time!

Don't get me started on the kids, I feel like shouting this 24/7

BTW I did have C sections...for all of them, sliced and diced 5 times is it too much to ask that the bench be wiped down after they spill sticky crap all over it and make their beds made every morning. Instead my mornings that look more like this and honestly I just feel tired.

My Mummy mojo seems to have flown out the window too, I mean of course I love them to bits, but of late everything seems to be getting on my nerves, tell me you get what I mean. Poor Max is teething or something and he has been miserable and crying for days. No temp and no obvious pain, but it's driving me stir crazy.

But I haven't been completely idle, a blogging friend (Andi) might have made a joke about my accent so I sent her a video, totally regretting that I didn't watch it before I said "sure put it on your blog", but all in good fun, you can check out my lack of singing ability here. You'll also note that I didn't stage it, the hair is a mess and I look hot and tired, which I was/am!

This weekend we moved furniture around and I think I finally have the layout I want, so now I can start painting. Worst thing is with the house stripped back it looks really shabby badly need to get painting. Also I was so excited I repaired a rip in my leather couch, so good you can barely notice that there was one there at all. Obviously it would have made for a great blog post, but due to my lack of mojo, I didn't even get a picture, oh well I'm still pretty darn pleased with it.

On the plus side, Jules and I are going for a kid free mini vacation shortly and I think that coupled with the beginning of Autumn (read: I am praying that days of temps over 35C are over) should be enough to turn the tide and Melly will get her groove back. You know it's bad when I start referring to myself in the third person.

Ever felt like this? What did you do to get out of a rut?

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. Hilarious, Mel ! I also like your accents down south ;-) I'm sure you will feel better after the mini break away and soon we will have the old Melly back,,, just take your time. {as for the blogging thing - well, you know how I feel about that!}

  2. Enjoy your getaway! You deserve it. :) I hope Max feels better soon.

  3. I'm so sad the video isn't showing up for me! I was gonna go laugh at you before I leave a comment:( as for all the mojo loss; I had no idea how to get out of it either. I say embrace it, and complain a lot. That's what I did. It just came back when it was ready. Instead of wiring about my blog or sewing, I just perused the web and looked at stuff I like. There's nothing like teething babies and toddler messes to make a mom want to hide:) a mini vaca sounds perfectly in order!

  4. Mel, I have been struggling with the same lack of motivation since just before Christmas. I have made myself do a few projects, but most don't have any "befores" and the most recent, I forgot to take "afters" before I took them to the booth. One sold an hour after I took it, so no pics of that one. Nothing to complain about, though, is it? Hopefully your mini-vacation will restore your energy and motivation. Then send some along to me, ok? ♥

  5. Of coruse I had to go see the video!! That's great!! I have wondered about your accent too. Of course everyone here loves an Aussie accent, I think it's a Crocodile Dundee thing. ;)

    A mini vacay w/o kids should be a perfect refresher. :) Glad you got a leather rip repaired!! It's the worst when the leather rips, isn't it? It just looks shabby.

    You noted your kids never HUSBAND, 49 years old doesn't lift a finger to clean his messes. The grown one. ;) I'm not kidding. :) Have a great week!

  6. Oh Mel... I completely understand. I totally lost my mojo after Christmas. I tried not to worry about it too much and just enjoyed the down time in other ways. I waited it out and I'm just starting to feel it coming back now... slowly... but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel... I think It'll come back to you... just give it time. I can't see the video for some reason. Not sure why. You've been having +35 (which I don't think I could stand for too long) and we've been having some -35 days... extreme temps either way are no fun. Have a great child free mini vacation.

  7. I am super jealous that I have never received a personal song from you. frowny face. In fact, I had to tell Andi that we couldn't be friends any longer....unless she sends me more hunky pictures of our mutual fictional boyfriend. But that is the ONLY way I will befriend her again. Excited about your couch repair even if I didn't get to see it. Sorry about the teething baby.

  8. Oh, that oatmeal picture! (Or malt-o-meal or whatever it is.) Please tell me that's your kid. And the C-section picture? Yep, been there, done that. And yes, those kids owe us a ton, right? The video is a bloody hit and I'm soooo happy you sent it to me.

    Of course, Heather's pissed....and Phil and I are now stuck with that song in our heads....

    Chin up!!


  9. 1. I've lost my blogging mojo too. 2. I try hard to keep my mommy mojo up and fail often. 3. This too shall pass. 4. Look forward to your mini vacay with the husband...I curious if you'll come home from it requiring another c-section 9 months later :)

    -Why did my comment not wind up here? I reposted it so it made more sense.

  10. Wish I could tell you how to get out of a rut. Let me know when you figure it out. Have fun on your vacay.

  11. Wish I could tell you how to get out of a rut. Let me know when you figure it out. Have fun on your vacay.

  12. lol, I just checked out your video ... You are headed for Hollywood too! As far as the kiddos. 5 kids is C-C-CRAZY. I'm dealing with three and can hardly handle it! Good Luck :D

  13. Oh Mel! You know I'm feeling for you! I have to say that video was wonderful! I always love seeing your face and hearing your voice. As for the mojo...comes and goes, don't sweat it. You are going to love that getaway, such a gorgeous place. Just so you know, "Grateful Teenagers" is an oxymoron. Hang in there girl!

  14. Way to go Mel. Loved your video. You could give up blogging and run away with a rock band if you never get your mojo back. Although we would miss you! Have a fantastic getaway and you could always take up winemaking!! Then you would be like me and not let anyone drink any cuz you want to keep your shelves stocked... hmmm so maybe that's not a good idea for you either.

  15. I hate to burst your bubble but there's nothing unique about how you are feeling. You are just overworked, tired and stressed out. Five C-sections alone takes a lifetime to recover from! I have nothing like your excuses and still only manage to get the odd post out. Can we change the blogging world from one of quantity to one of quality? That would work way better for me. Have a wonderful, romantic, all about you vacay!

  16. Saw your video, LOVED it. I've felt the same way many times. It will pass. A vacation will do you good. As for blogging, I have no advice. Just do what makes you happy. I've had 3 sections. I can relate. Feel better soon Mel!

  17. This too shall pass. Once the weather breaks, you'll be all back to your old bloggy self. Hang in there Mel, go easy on yourself, you know we'd follow you anywhere! And have a lovely mini vacay! Your video is the best, your accent SO charming, you should hear my Chicago nasally mumblings (you would probably want to plug your ears ;-P )

  18. I came by because I saw you debut breakout hit song over at Andi's - I want someone to nominate you - you're the most lovable blogger out there Mel!!!
    I'm feeling the same way you are right now - and I don't have little kids - ( I'm blaming it on menopause - but I think I'm past that - still it's a great excuse and I'll use it till they bury me LOL
    Could you sing Dancing Matilda next time do you think? Not that there's anything wrong with the Tile Floor song at all :)

  19. I'm such a dingbat - WALTZING Matilda - xoxo

  20. I hear you Mel, I lost my blogging mojo last year and have been desperately trying to get it back to how I felt in the beginning, but tbh I don't think I'll ever get back to that so I have gone in a new direction and will just blog as and when and hey if no one reads then no biggie, I'll still have nice handmade things for the house :)

    The kids have been on half term break this week and been driving me a bit stir crazy too! Roll on Monday! Hope you have a lovely break with Jules.

    Big hugs, E xx


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