Friday, 14 February 2014

A Gift For The Quilter/Sewer- (When you don't know what to get)

My Mum is a quilter. I'm not talking about someone who has made a couple of quilts, I mean someone who lives and breathes quilts! She belongs to so many quilting groups and is out of the house sewing almost every day not including the house she spends at home.

Recently she purchased a new machine, a really fancy pants thing that looks like it could probably cook dinner as well, which would be great because Mum hates to cook with about the same amount of passion as she loves to quilt. Sadly a trait I too inherited.

So when her birthday rolled around we knew there were a few different feet she wanted to purchase for the new machine. However I didn't want to risk buying the wrong foot so I decided to give the gift of cash towards getting the new feet. I'm not a fan of cash since it doesn't feel like anything goes into it so I thought I would have a bit of fun with feet.

So I took a picture of all the kids feet and added a title like a catalogue.

Samuel's Foot - The Hobbit, since his feet are huge and he likes to eat "elevensies"
Jack's Foot - The Gamer, since all Summer he played games
Elizabeth's Foot - Polished, she had just done her nails
Madeleine's Foot - Petite, I think that's self explanatory
Max's Foot Short and Stout, I love those chubby feet.

Then in Word I created this, mind the photo I wasn't going to blog this but the weather has been crazy hot and I have done a big fat zero.

We heard you wanted a foot. If these are not to your liking please purchase one on us! Happy Birthday Mum.

Then I just stuck the money on.

DIY Delight or Disaster? Well she liked it, she decided she's going to frame it and keep it in her sewing room for her sewing room and the kids liked being a part of Nana's gift. Let's be honest when it comes to our parents anything to do with the grandchildren is bound to be a winner, so lets go with delight.

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. Oh a total delight Mel! What a clever idea and how fun that your mom put it in her sewing room! Yep...anything to do with grandkids is always a delight! Nice job!

  2. GENIUS idea! What a thoughtful gift Mel. Your mum is going to love it.

  3. Delight. No wonder your mom liked it, that's full of <3 and it's fun too. :)

  4. That is so cute and clever, Mel! I have quilts that my grandmother and great-grandmother made for me. I'd love to see pics of some of your mom's creations.

  5. What a great way to personalize a gift of cash. Sooo fun!!

  6. Girl, you just took a cash gift and turned it into a keepsake. Are you the sweetest daughter in law ever?

  7. Another win! I love your gifts to your parents, very thoughtful! My hatred of cooking was also inherited. I didn't realize it was genetic, thank goodness I'm not deficient.

  8. Absolutely, positively aalong with delight!! That is so clever, Mel. Gifts from the heart, along with a little cash, lol, you can never go wrong. Though I'm sure she like her new feet, she will surely love and cherish her new FEET!!

  9. Very cute! I'm a sucker for the kiddies, too. You hit a home run.

  10. I can smell your feet from here. When did you change to a .com??


  11. What a great idea ! And fun, I am sure she loved it, Mel !

  12. Mel that is adorable. What a fun way to give the gift of money. I am sure your mum loved the sentiment. Truly adorable. I hope she gets the foot she wants.

  13. You are so creative! I'm sure she loved it. :)


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