Tuesday, 18 February 2014

DIY Planter Box or The Time I Used The V Word!

My DIY Planter Box means I am going to use a word that I thought I would never use in my life or on this blog, the V word....Vignette!

I'm putting some finishing touches in the entry and I want to create a warm and welcoming space and I realised that meant Vignette, then I immediately felt like the worlds biggest tool because it just sounds so formal, so posh and so very unlike me or the mansion. Oh well, turns out that maybe I can pretend to be a little more d├ęcor sophisticated than I really am. Actually I think it turned out quite pretty but it cost me $0, so I shouldn't expect any invitations to high society any time soon!


  • Scrap Wood
  • Scrap trim
  • Nails/Hammer
  • Paint/Paintbrush

I grabbed some scrap trim and wood from the garage.

Nailed it together

About this point I realised I probably should have measured it, but the DIY angels were with me because it actually fit my "vases" (plastic milk bottles), another reason the elite won't be contacting me any time soon.

Then I just gave it one coat with a dry brush and I really liked the kind of white wash feel that I didn't bother with a second coat. This baby took me less than 20 minutes to make.

DIY Delight or Disaster? Apart from feeling like the worlds biggest sell-out for using the word vignette, truthfully I was really happy with the way it came out and it was so easy, first project of the year and I am going to go with Delight! By the way middle of Feb and this is the only thing I have done all year, what a sucky blogger I am at the moment!

So was something that pre blogging/ blog reading did you think you would never do but have?

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. What a beautiful project! I don't know if I've ever used the "v" word either...I think you need to in this case because it's so pretty and looks fancy. ;)

  2. Huge delight, Mel !! I LOVE it ! I wonder what vignette is in Afrikaans - should look it up and see if I have ever used it in my mother-tongue {or is it father-tongue?? because my mom was english? lol!}

  3. I love word 'vignette,' it rolls right off the tongue (and it reminds me of Suzan, hahaha).
    I think this project is a total delight!

  4. Mel, you really can come up with good "eye catching" phrases! Knowing you, I was expecting something else! But I must say, what a delight! You are so handy with the tools that you can make all the beautiful "Vs" you want!

  5. I love it, Mel! I need one of those for the polka dot vases I painted! :)

  6. I like the word vignette because it reminds me of the word beignet. And I love beignets, therefore I also love vignettes. Even though I have no clue how to properly put one together, which is why I've never done one on my blog. Kudos to you on your cute new vignette!!!


  7. You did a great job on your first vignette Mel! I haven't done one yet and not sure I ever will, but you never know. I've always said I would never paint a room white, but now I'm seriously considering it... well 3 walls anyway. I need a change, and white is so fresh. We'll see if I change my mind or actually do it.

  8. How awesome is this! I love it Mel. I'm totally pinning and making some for this summer. I also love the milk bottles with the flowers in it. Beautiful!

  9. You used the word! It's okay, I forgive you but your father may not. I think that planter is totally chic, plastic bottles and all. We never would have known if you hadn't told us. Delight!
    ps - Will the babies leave it alone?

  10. Your vignette looks wonderful Mel! Definitely a DIY Delight!

  11. I love your vignette. Don't forget the rest of us, when you go all high society on us. You can deny it all you want but you are fancying up the mansion. What a lovely idea to bring a planter box inside the house. Love it.

  12. Eeek, Ha, and Sigh, are the words I thought I wouldn't use. I have used Ha, but not the two others... yet :-D Ha!! Your vignette is such a delight, and way to use that salvaged scrap wood! You are giving me storage ideas, thank you, Mel I can't wait to see the entry one day ~ Amy

  13. You are not a sucky blogger! You're a fabulous one! And I love your vignette! I can't believe it only took you 20 minutes!

  14. I don't know Mel, you may be heading for high society! I've seen stuff like this in Better Homes & Gardens. And if you wanna talk about not fancy, I didn't know what it meant until I read this post:) I thought it was a mantle from all the blogs I read. I'm not sure how it's even pronounced. Vin-yay?! Anyways, I love it; it's gorgeous!

  15. I LOVE IT - and where did you find plastic milk bottles? Too cute!
    You high falutin' gal, you lol

  16. Great project Mel! What a welcoming entrance you`ve created....guests are going to think they are visiting with the queen when they enter your fancy shmancy home! Cheers

  17. I struggle with the V word too... so not me. I've done one blog post this year. I tend to wait till I finish a project to post... and I NEVER finish.
    I love your flower box. Easy to change up and it looks wonderful!


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