Friday, 20 June 2014

Blue Lagoon Cocktails from Linda At With A Blast

Hey Guys,

Today I have Linda from With a Blast whipping up a lovely cocktail for us today. So sit back relax and cheers!

Blue Lagoon ~ Delicious cocktail for any occasion ! #BlueLagoonCocktail #DrinkRecipe #AlcoholicDrink

Hi everyone ! I am invading the Mansion today to bring you a delicious Cocktail recipe. Mel and I have become good bloggy friends and I am sure if we could meet someday in person, we would be chatting away all the time !

 So,,, who am I ?  Well, I am Linda, live in South-Africa {yep, huge Springbok Rugby supporter!}, married for 25 years to Roy and have two wonderful kids in their early 20's.  I blog over at Creative And Delicious which I started late last year, but I also blog at With A Blast, which I started in 2012. Right, now you know who I am and please note, neither of my blogs have closing hours, so feel free and drop in at any time !

 Single Serving - Use the same measuring cup/spoon to measure all ingredients
 3 Parts Vodka
1 Part Blue Curacao
3 Parts Fresh Pineapple Juice
1/4 t Green Chartreuse Pineapple piece, to garnish Glacé Cherry, to garnish
1/4 cup Broken Ice
 1.) Place the Vodka, Curacao, Pineapple Juice and Chartreuse in a cocktail mixer - add the Broken Ice, close the mixer and shake well.
2.) Sieve into a short serving glass - garnish with the Pineapple and Cherry.

As this cocktail is served in a short glass, I always add an extra Ice Cube, but that is totally up to you.

Blue Lagoon ~ Delicious cocktail for any occasion ! #BlueLagoonCocktail #DrinkRecipe #AlcoholicDrink
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Thank you to Mel for letting me share a recipe down under !

Thanks Linda, and guys Linda not only makes some wicked cocktails she makes awesome desserts, one pot meals and don't even get me started on the awesome diy and crafts, head over and say hi!

Mel xo


  1. YUM! Thanks, Linda and Mel! (My faraway friends!)

  2. It's hot and summery up here in the states, Linda, so your blue lagoon would be just what the doctor ordred...tropical and beachy!

  3. Oh no, I feel a tipsy moment coming on! I'm all over this one.

  4. Oh that looks so yummy! And perfect for the 4th of July!

  5. True Danni but Canada Day comes first (July 1st) so I may beat you to the "punch" Thanks for sharing your drink Linda, and your friend, Mel! Cheers.

  6. I'm headed over to visit her place. And here to wave hello! :)


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