Thursday, 12 June 2014

Washi iPad Cover

Well, well, havent I been a little MIA lately!

It started with just being crazy busy and then I had technical difficulties, by that I mean I'm technically stupid, paid my water bill twice and didn't pay the ISP. Did not discover this until I had no net and called tech support, furious about being offline. Oops!

Anyway I have been doing some crafting, it's amazing what a few days offline can do for ones time management!

You might remember when I gave my ipad cover a houndstooth makeover, well it started to look grubby so time for a face lift.

Peeled the contact paper off and grabbed my washi tape, which by the way first time using it, for whatever reason. I bought it being all the rage and couldn't think of how I might use it.

Started sticking on strips. note the wonderful scribbles in yellow courtesy of Max, but not the worst thing to happen, as you'll soon read.

Trim all the holes and edges, and voila, good as new!

DIY Delight or Disaster? Well it was a pretty quick and easy craft, not a lot that could go wrong...until Madeleine knocked the bloody thing off the desk and now I am up for big $$$ to get the darn screen replaced, cheapest so far $89. Still on the plus side the case looks fabulous grrr. By the way that last line was typed while I once again flit between, rage and grief, you guys know how much I love my iPad and how much I hate spending money on things that shouldn't need to have money spent on them! Still the case, delight. Oh by the way, between the net out and the broken ipad, I am way behind on my blog reading so if I haven't been around yet, I'm on my way.

So tell me, if you have kids either your own or loaners in your life, what was the one thing they wrecked or broke that had you crying? They all do it, in fact I think I could write a whole new blog dedicated to what the kids have broken!

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. Oh are so funny. Sorry about the broken ipad and the no internet for a brief period of time. Glad to see you kept yourself busy. You are right, the case looks great. Glad to see you finally used your pretty washi tape!

  2. I don't need kids to break my screens, I do it well enough on my own. :) I have since upgraded to the indestructible huge-arse cover. Yay me. :/ I do think this is very cute and I'm glad I'm not the only one Washi impaired.

  3. I did that once- paid a bill 2x and neglected another. It was super annoying! But no water bill next month:) so sorry about the screen though- I hate when that happens. On the plus side, your cover looks awesome! So glad you're back online my friend.

  4. Not necessarily broken.....but......when we moved house two years ago, my husband gave them the job of packing up all my shoes - in to garbage bags. Well, somehow a garbage bag went missing in the move (to the skip bin i'm thinking) and I lost half a pair of about a dozen pairs of boots and shoes. I don't know whether to blame the kids or the husband - or both. Either way I cried like a baby.....

  5. I thought I was the only one who had never used washi tape. Maybe I am now. lol. That cover is super cute Mel. I've always loved pink and black together. Too bad about the broken ipad. Hopefully you can find a new one on sale.

  6. Oh well, at least you don't have to pay the water bill next month ;-) I like the cover - very much ! You know, I do not own one single roll of washi tape yet??

  7. It's a DELIGHT!
    I'm sorry about your screen .:(

    I moved my laptop to my bedroom so my kids wouldn't knock it off the table by the couch. They decided to watch a show together on my bed. One of them (it was never declared whom) knocked a whole glass of water over on it, and ruined it. So much for moving it to safety. ;)

  8. It's a delight for sure! Did you like using the washi tape? I love that stuff. Sorry for the brokeness though. Stinks. I remember in the cabin when I just had to have a staircase basket. Saved for it and everything. First day I put it out, it got beaned by a football ( the house) and totally trashed. Never did replace it!

  9. It does look pretty. So sorry it got broken. My daughter poured red NyQuil cough medicine on my new bedroom carpet when she was 3... no, she didn't drink any, just made a pond with it... I was sooooo upset. The stain is still there today. OLD carpet! She's 18 now, OLD me!

  10. My son was known for knocking his glass of milk over at the table. Of course there was no such as Ipads, Ipods, laptops, we didn't even have desktops back then, but surely there were important papers to be ruined. Thank goodness it was fixable. Your new washi tape cover is adorable. Love the easy factor, Mel!

  11. Love the colors/patterns you chose. It just screams ME! LOL

    Thanks for sharing!

  12. Yup, I've done the same thing, paying one bill twice and not paying another. It would take me all day to list the special things that were "murdered" by kids in my house! I've never used that tape but I do like what you did with that cover, so I just may pick some up.

  13. Cool idea for washi tape use! I have some washi tape at my home. May just have to make a phone cover myself.


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