Monday, 21 July 2014

Meet My Mates - Amy from Sews & Bows

When I started blogging almost two years ago I had almost no expectations as to what would come of it.
Did I find fame, fortune and glory....umm no! However I did get something even better than that, I "met" the most wonderful people and while I may never get to meet them in person, they will be mates for life.
So I thought I would introduce you to these wonderful bloggers and their blogs.

This week I want you to meet Amy from Sews & Bows, the only way I could describe Amy is one cool, crazy and fun chick, not to mention talented. She makes me laugh so much and that's always a winner in my book!

She makes the coolest hair bows! I love the ones in this post here.

She's not afraid to share what she calls her epic fails. I also love that she points out every single thing wrong, you know I love me a disaster and it's a relief when it's someone else's for a change. Read about her hair bow holder fail here, this post really appealed to me, mainly because I have shared hair bow holder shame. (remember the abby hairbow holder)

She's always making beautiful clothes for her daughter, nieces and nephew, whose name I love, okay mainly because his name is Julian. This isn't one of her many sewing items but a fun summer craft she made with her daughter. Easy stencilled t shirts.

The only thing wrong with her many, many dolls clothes posts is I actually have wardrobe envy, of a doll. Sad for me but how cool is this cowgirl doll outfit? If you have an American Girl doll you will die over her posts, see the Liberty Jane Button Up Shirt here

Last and certainly not least, if you're sewing for tweens she has a master list of tried and true patterns for you. With real feedback, when she reviews a pattern she is very clear on what did and didn't work well, so when you sew one of her recommended patterns, you know it will work. Check them out here.

So what are you waiting for, go meet Amy now, seriously she is one top chick, you will not be disappointed and I am so happy to have her as a mate!

You can follow Amy at any and all of these places.

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Mel xo


  1. I know someone who is an American Girl lover. Sending this link to her so she can look. The cowgirl outfit is cute!

  2. I adore Amy. She's incredibly talented but presents it all in a way that you feel as if you, the average Joe, could maybe make the same thing. And, she always has something amusing to say. And, where you are slightly jealous of the doll's wardrobe...I'm slightly jealous a doll has its own personal seamstress and that I don't :)

  3. I like the stenciled T-shirt - seen the post and all over the net ! Amy is very talented :-)

  4. Aw thanks you guys! *beaming* thanks Mel for this very awesome write up!!!


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