Monday, 14 July 2014

Meet My Mates - Sherry from Thrift My House

Hey Guys, I'm back!
Great holiday with the kids but for today I want to talk about someone else.

When I started blogging almost two years ago I had almost no expectations as to what would come of it.
Did I find fame, fortune and glory....umm no! However I did get something even better than that, I "met" the most wonderful people and while I may never get to meet them in person, they will be mates for life.
So I thought I would introduce you to these wonderful bloggers and their blogs, starting with Sherry from Thrift My House.

Sherry does all sorts of amazing upcycles, like this beautiful Shutter Jewellery Organiser.

She;s always making beautiful d├ęcor for her many vignettes, this is the latest for her 4th of July mantle. See this post for 4th of July Craft ideas, pin them away for next year. (please pin from Thrift my House, not here at the Mansion)

Her gorgeous Bedroom Makeover has me champing at the bit to paint my old wooden set! So lovely and relaxing.

Sherry's sweet sign for her veggie garden, you seriously have to check out the gardens as well, AMAZING. She even has her own peacocks!! Check out five of her DIY Garden Projects here.

This is one of my personal faves, the Vintage Ironing Board Vignette. It's so gorgeous and hey, you might as well use an ironing board for something....okay that might be just me but mine is not used for ironing very often at all, sadly it's not a cute vintage one either.

If this small sample of loviness has made you curious...and why wouldn't it, you can find Sherry not only at her blog Thrift My House, but at all these social media sites as well. So go and say hi.
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Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. I also like the Vintage Iron Board Vignette ! Very talented :-)

  2. Thank you so much Mel! I am honored to be your first Mate! And I'm so glad we've become bloggy friends :-)

  3. Cute stuff! Thanks for sharing a "new to me" blog:)

  4. I love Sherry! Thanks for featuring her!

  5. Sherry is my mate too! I love her, she's so creative and talented.

  6. That's funny because I read her too!

  7. This is a great idea for a series! Such a clever way to discover new blogs.

  8. Sherry is so awesome! ( Not to mention clever and creative.) She was the inspiration for my black and white bedroom. I somehow missed her 4th of July to check it out! Fun series Mel!

  9. Sherry is great inspiration. I'm especially jealous of that garden! :)

  10. Sherry has a way of pulling her projects together with such ease, she has been inspiring me now for a while. I love the yellow dresser set she did with her daughter, too. Haven't seen those garden ideas, so I'm off to check that out!

  11. I napped in her bedroom and it was perfect. Then she fed me. Life doesn't get much better than that!

  12. Why have I not heard of Sherry before. I'm drooling over her fabulous bedroom. And, I am jealous of her green thumb and her perfect teeth :).


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