Monday, 11 August 2014

Meet My Mates Linda - With A Blast

Hey guys,

This week I want to introduce to the Queen of Cocktails Linda from With a Blast. Linda hails all the way from South Africa.

I call her the Queen of Cocktails but she is pretty damn handy with a grill too. Click the pictures to go to any posts, please don't pin from here. These Kebabs have my mouth watering.

She is also pretty handy with DIY, how awesome is this Fire Feature!

With all the cooking she does, it stand to reason she needs her own homegrown herb garden, this is brilliant!

I've made a couple of her desserts, OMG delish, but I am dying to try this orange curd, huge fan of lemon but I have never tried orange before.

Linda has dozens of cocktail ideas on her blog, this is why she is the Queen, I automatically see Summer when she's serving up drinks over there.

So not only is she the Queen of Cocktails Linda is such a lovely woman I have loved getting to know her. Why not pop across and say hello or follow her on any of the following places.

 photo piest_zpsaefa72da.png

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. Thanks, Mel ! You are way too sweet ! Btw, will you make me a crown? {that's more your department!!}

  2. She has some pretty yummy recipes! Headed there now!

  3. Must go see those bacon wrapped kabobs and I love her portable fire pit!!

  4. Must go see those bacon wrapped kabobs and I love her portable fire pit!!

  5. Everything looks so good, and that portable fire feature looks like fun. I'll have to pop over and check out her blog.

  6. I'm mighty thirsty- better head to Linda's for a recipe!! Lol, love her blog. What good company you choose!

  7. You surround yourself with some pretty fabulous people. Those kabobs really do look delicious. And, that fire pit...oh my goodness, it's divine. Love it!

  8. Awesome to see the feature. Those kebabs would def. be a huge hit with my family!

  9. You had me at cocktail .. lol. She sure does have some amazing recipes.

  10. I have to check out those kabobs!

  11. I love Linda! She pretty much has me drooling for her recipes before my first cup of coffee is finished and she has inspired me more than once with her crafting!


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