Thursday, 3 October 2013

Free Craft Room Printables

So a while back I threw out the question as to what I should do with the space around my sewing desk and i got some really great answers. I am working on many of them, one was to decorate with some printables from Etsy.

So I spent some time looking around Etsy (Yay, for footy finals where I can peruse the net to my hearts delight, knowing I will not be bothered) and came up with nothing except the fact that downloadable images are kind of pricey and there was nothing that took my fancy.

So I thought how hard could it be? Made my own, and since I know many of you are just as thrifty as me, I thought I would share them. Just click and save the images. Please, don't sell them!

I printed these out to 8 x 10 and got some frames which will be seen in the reveal, hopefully coming soon. 

DIY Delight or Disaster? I actually really enjoyed making these, so I am glad I didn't find anything online that I wanted. Delight!

Thanks for Reading,

Mel xo


  1. Those will be cute with your red accents!

  2. Super Cute... YOU never let your readers DOWN sister !!! As always LOVE LOVE LOVE IT

  3. I like them ! Anything is possible nowadays - I think we {me, actually!} get too lazy and are getting spoilt with everything that's avaliable on the net !

  4. I love that your delight was a jar of glitter.

  5. Leave it to you to make your own girl! I particularly love the focus one! Nice job, Mel! Looking forward to the reveal!

  6. How thrifty, Mel!! These are really cute and are going to fit right into your craft room delightfully :)

  7. Wow Mel, you are one handy girl! Is there anything you can't do????

  8. You did a fine job Little Missy. I love your little printables!



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