Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Turn Your Door Into A Planner

There are days where I do things or say things and Jule's looks at me with such a skeptical expression, usually followed by an eye roll, that I start to wonder whether or not I am doing the right thing...then I think I'll prove him wrong, sadly for me he knows me quite well. This planner was one of them.

I have had both computer and camera issues so you may note some posts a little lacking in pictures, for a little while, although this is pretty self explanatory.

By nature I am a little more go with the flow, I crave to be one of those super organised people and every year I buy a diary with the promise that this year I won't be the mother buying a packet of chips for the Christmas party because I forgot it....and every year I fail.

Once a year I make a fabulous menu board with the idea I am going to meal plan and be really good about these things, I used to do it, but for some reason don't any more, sadly after about 3 weeks they go unused, I currently have two on display mocking me.

So when I told Jul'es I was running up to Bunnings for some chalkboard contact paper he said, do we really need another planner, I wonder the same thing. You can also get it from Amazon here
Sticky Back Chalkboard Contact Paper Roll 17.75" X 29.5" -Great for Walls

Turns out I like this one, I may or may not keep it up but, with the craft room being attached to my bedroom I have to see it every morning before I shower, hopefully that will be great motivation.

I just cut out some shapes by hand so no cutter needed, although I did use my Zing for the lettering, and I like it it.

DIY Delight or Disaster? hmm well I like it but asked me in 6 months if I am using it, then I can give you the answer, for now I like it so Delight!

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. Simple but {if you plan on really using it!} effective ! And if you don't use it as a planner you can always write little funnies on there ;-)

  2. I like Linda's idea of using if for something else if you don't stick with the intended purpose! I used to be very good at meal planning...for about 2 months!

  3. The biggest advantage to the chalkboard I see is it is easily erased...."what dinner? I never wrote a dinner're crazy" for me! great idea!

  4. I'm thinking you need to hire yourself out as an organizer. The door planner is a great idea, and pretty,too.

  5. I love that you said it was a delight but check back in 6 months to see if you were using it :). Another amazing repurpose. Now get to meal planning :)

  6. Oh I'd love to meal plan too, but I'm a more fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal. The only meal planning I do is when I have enough for leftovers. Great idea though, and I think I might use it for inspirational messages instead cuz I know I'd never stick to the planning thing.

  7. The best I can do for meal planning is stick to what I have bought for the week. I don't like to go back to the store because I always over spend. I typically just make sure I buy enough main dish stuff and side dish stuff and hope I got enough. I do like this idea though for the crazy things that come up in a month, like the Christmas party on the 18th...then I'll see it and remember I need something for that day.

  8. It's hard to stick to meal planning. I feel like about once a month I do it for a solid week, and then our schedule goes crazy and I forget about it. It definitely helps to plan ahead.

  9. I can barely cook so meal planning is way out of my league. I too vow to be organised every year and fail miserably, but I am very hopeful for 2014! lol... Cheers.

  10. It looks nice, and if it motivates you that's a double bonus. :)

  11. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again! It's bound to take, one of these times. I never knew they had chalkboard contact paper, very helpful! I love your project, Mel.
    Like you I have the will, but need the way :) ~ Amy

  12. I think that using a door as a planner is a great idea! And yes, I'm guilty of the same things. I get all motivated about some organizational thing... and then I forget... or I lose interest... but maybe this one will work for you! Fingers crossed (and keep us updated!)


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