Wednesday, 30 October 2013

More Water Less Soda - Without a Fight!

Hi guys,

This post was originally shared at the Inspiration Cafe.

 My kids fight me every step of the way when it comes to drinking water and the little ones are the worst. They point blank refuse to drink water from the tap unless it's mixed with cordial, but if it comes from a bottle, they will have anything!

So I got my cutter out and grabbed a couple of empty wine bottles (I'm so not a fan of drinking out of plastic!!)

I labeled them Fairy Mist and Jurassic Juice, much, much tastier than that yucky water! ( I just fill them when they're not around)

For more ideas to get the teenaged kids drinking water, you can check out my Xbox Drink bottles here

DIY Delight or Disaster? Fooling the kids check, costs nothing to make check, looks kind of cute in the fridge check kids are having a healthier option check....all in all it's a delight!

What have you fooled your kids into lately...I'm always up for a few extra tips.

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. I still love the idea of Fairy Mist!!

  2. What creative names to go along with your trickery. Such a simple project with a cool finished look.

  3. Whatever works to get them drinking water gets my vote. And these are cute too.

    Now to come up with a plan to get them to eat more veggies. If yours willing eat theirs, I don't want to know. ;)

  4. Great idea, Mel! You can always add a drop of food coloring, and they might think it's a different flavor! Love your "drinks" names ;-)

  5. Spare the Rod! (Humour). I have to by flavouring so my husband will drink water during the day at work! Is it a Male thing? Nicely done MOM!

  6. Terrific idea, Mel! I learned the hard way about not drinking enough water by getting a kidney stone. I gave up all sodas and drink nothing but lots of water and maybe an occasional cocktail or glass of wine.

  7. Whatever it takes, right? Great idea, Mel, and I'm with you, I prefer anything to plastic whenever possible.

  8. This is so perfect, but I have to admit I absolutely refuse to drink tap water as well.

  9. Ooooh... I want Jurassic Juice.

    Also, when you say "cordial", what do you mean? Like, a cranberry blend? For some reason, I can't get Anne of Green Gables out of my brain (when Diana gets drunk on wine when she thinks it's cordial?).

  10. Very cool idea! I don't like tap water, lately I've been squeezing a lemon into it... I can tolerate it that way. My kids drink water though.

  11. We transitioned to only drinking water and milk, but it wasn't an easy transition at first. My kids loved chocolate milk and lots of juice and juice boxes.......which aren't even juice. My mother-in-law invented "space water" for my youngest who was the hardest to transition. "Space water" is really cold because it comes from outer space. He drank it and even requested it! I love your bottle idea. I wish I would have thought of that. Might have to use your idea now anyway. Too cute not to!


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