Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Happy Wednesday, here's what had me chuckling this week.

Jule's has a lot to answer for, like why my kids including the babies make two fists and yelling crow bar in a Scottish accent...I don't get it either!

Works for me, welcome.

I'm the eldest of three, this wan't an issue for me, although I'm not sure if my brother remembers a character called Mario

Seriously was at Bunnings the other day and was going to buy paint, half the paint chips were gone, but I bet they are looking fab somewhere!

I want to get an elf and I am already seeing Christmas things in the stores, but you have to admit, that elf is kind of creepy!

Have a fantastic day!

Oh and I have switched comments off on WYPW I just want you to have a smile no need to leave a comment :)

Mel xo

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