Monday, 8 April 2013

Rebel Mormon Cinnamon Heather for Inspiration Cafe

We're continuing our series "Food From Our Heritage" at the Inspiration Cafe this week.  Heather from The Beating Hearth is in the kitchen and she's bringing the house down with her "Rebel Mormon Cinnamon Buns".  I'll just let the picture do the talking on this one......
Uh's a recipe from her Great-Great Grandmother and you know you want one!  See that door down there on the image of the Cafe?  Just click on'll be inside watching Heather make these little spirals of heaven in no time.
 Do you have a recipe from your heritage or one that is special to your family?  If you do, we're inviting you to share it with us at our first ever link party here at the Inspiration Cafe at the end of this month.  


  1. Oh my yum - they look delish!

    Hope you are well, Estelle xx

  2. Great....Now I need these. Guess what I will be making tonight? Heading over for the recipe! Cheers Mel.

  3. I love when recipes are shared from one generation to another.


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