Friday, 19 April 2013

It's A Party..No It's Two....and it's not 1999

Once upon a time in the last millennium Prince alluded to the fact that 1999 would be the most amazing time to party. I spent my teenage years dreaming that I would be 23 in Italy, dressed in the best the fashion capitol  of the world had to offer and gorgeous Italian men would be supplying me with exotic cocktails.

In reality I was pregnant with my second child and it was the hottest of hot Summers, there were power strikes and we weren't even allowed to put on our air conditioners. Well finally I get to live part of my dream. The Tongue in Cheek girls are bringing you Total Couture Tuesday on April 23 2013.

We want to show the world how fabulous we our yoga pants, pj's paint splattered tracksuits or whatever the heck you really wear! So celebrate the slob that you have become since that day you pressed publish on your blog and forgot how to dress in pretty clothes take a pic and load it up.

Then April 29, there is another slightly less fashionable but oh so special party happening over at The Inspiration Cafe. We have been showing off dishes from our heritage or from our country and we hope you will share your most precious dish.

So join me, hey it's not hot Italian men but it might include a yummy pasta or pizza
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  1. Mel, let's show 1999 how to really party!!

  2. I'm there for the Inspiration Cafe's party ! And I'll have a Tequila or three with the pizza, thanks :-)

  3. Now the song 'Tequila' is stuck in my head..thanks, Linda. ;)

    Hi Mel. The parties sound fun. :)

  4. Way to go Mel! Don't give up on that dream of Italian men handing you exotic cocktails while you are dressed in the height of fashion! Just make sure you have sewn some cute bibs to match so your kids can fit right in too!

  5. Ooh I do love me a good party or two ;) xx

  6. I hope we're not the only 5 making fools of ourselves LMHO

  7. Even if we're the only will be ah-maze-ing!!

  8. WHAT???? I'm the only one who wears Chanel while ripping wood on my table saw and my Jimmy Choo shoes while painting! WTH.

  9. Arriderci Roma the party is over here!!! I'm going to try and do both, Mel, because your parties = FUN!! ~ Amy

  10. I'm dying to see what you guys wear! By the time you get to Italy, the men passing you cocktails will be perfectly matured and you'll love you time at their villa. Some things are better for the waiting!


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