Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Ghosts Of Christmas Past

Hi Guys,

It can be hard finding spare crafting time around the holidays, so I thought I would share some really quick crafts. Just click the pictures to go to the tutorial.

I love to  wear crazy accessories at Christmas. I made this very simple hair clip for my girls using small size baubles.

Last year Max, my baby, wasn't ready for candy advents so I made this super quick baby advent for him.

Using the same method I made a more adult version by getting Jules some fancy beer.

These no sew Santa sacks were a huge hit with the kids. I think they're rather cute, although not all of them turned out this well. If you need a laugh head over.

I hope you enjoyed some my quick crafts and you've been inspired to crank out a few this Christmas.

Here's to the holidays!

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo

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  1. Very cute ideas, Mel. The hair clip is a fun idea, and your advent creations are the best. Love me some Dr Seuss, so the santa sacks are perfect. :)

  2. Some great projects. Mr FT loves beer advent calenders. I made the Grinch transfer into cards this year thanks to you!! Nothing fancy, just printed them out and put them on fancy paper. I was going to post on them but l haven't even got my shopping done yet. Although I have a lot of beaded spiders!

  3. Great ideas, Mel! They are all wonderful items to make and share. It seems like we're all in a crunch to get things done this holiday season. Where did the time go?

  4. you're such a clever thing. I really do love your advents. So making The Mister one this year. Think he'll LOVE it! And I also love Max's baby advent.

  5. You've certainly made some adorable things. Loved the round up and the updated pictures!

  6. I like the beer idea ! Simple but awesome ;-)

  7. I think my son and his friends would like the beer advent idea. They always go for the fancy beers. Quick and cute ideas, Mel. I still love your transfer paper gift sack :)

  8. Cute ideas!! New Follower.

  9. The beer idea would make my husband a happy man. Way to bring the advent countdown magic back for the grown men. ;)

  10. Beer advent!! Nuffield said; you are a rock star.

  11. I hadn't seen the Santa sacks before. They're all great ideas.


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