Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Entry Update

Well haven't I had a heck of a lot of fun trying to do this entry! just a reminder of the before as seen here

Truthfully I have had about a million ideas but I can't settle on one. So I wallpapered the back wall and then painted the ceiling and all the walls and left it.

I really do like the red and white colour scheme that I put into my craft room so rather than go ahead with the day to day decor I decided to gussy it up for Christmas and see if after a few weeks whether or not the red and white is still doing it for me.

So here is the closest I will ever get to a mantle and mantle d├ęcor, I swapped out the pink ribbom that was around the snowmens necks and added red and white striped. 

And to give you an idea as to how it is coming along here's a picture of the back wall, beware ugly photo have not been able to get a good shot of this area from the (no jokes) 150 shots we've (yes "we've" since I was about to throw the camera, Julian decided to give it a try) taken, ARGGGH!

Also pay close attention to the declining candy canes in the boots, this will tell you how long we spent trying to get a good shot, there are now NONE.

So you can see the white with the red and even though this is Christmassy I am loving the fresh white walls, the bead board and the boldness of the red so I think red and white will be the colour scheme just what ideas to incorporate and which ones to scrap in the coming year.

Green was the colour of 2013, or so I read somewhere, so as usual I am way off trend, do you follow colour trends or just go with what you love? Personally I feel like a sheep when I follow trends, unless I truly do love it.

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. I love your entryway, Mel ! The pops of silver looks great - not too much, just enough :-) I never follow color trends with anything {clothes, decor etc} because I only have a few colors I like ---- good grief, and spare me from orange ! I like it when other people use orange, but I tried it once, and it was yuck ! Candy canes are insanely expensive over here, so we have them as a "luxury treat" ..lol!

  2. Mel, your entry looks fabulous!! That advent in the center really sets it all off and of course your amazing boots! I have a shelf/fantle that I can never get a good shot of, so I feel ya there. What a fun area to have for seasonal decor! I kind of have a thing for snowmen and yours are really cute!

  3. It's looking great Mel! I love the red and white. It's so fresh. I never follow colour trends. It's fun to read about what they are, but in the end I always just do what I love.

  4. Love your entryway, Mel! I think the beadboard really nailed it. The way it's decorated you can easily switch it out to whatever your mood is. Speaking of color of the year, for 2014, it's some sort of orchid. Someone posted about using it and they added different shades of purple. I'm not a color of the year type person, but I welcome seeing what the decorators have in store using the new color. I look forward to seeing lots of things in different shades of purple! (I hope)

  5. I love it . LOOKING great my friend. I love the pops of red and white and the CHRISTMAS that is happening in that entry . Just beautiful

  6. What a difference. It looks so fresh and clean. Bright and cheery. I love it. I'm a huge fan of red and white. And, those little snowmen are adorable.

  7. Pinned your star, Mel. Darling! Linda

  8. It looks fabulous! I don't do paint trends. Right now, mustard is "in". I like mustard...on a sandwich!! I say go with what you love!!

  9. I really like the red and white stripes on the scarves. I love the bead board and I love red and white. I don't think it's too Christmasy, I think it's just gorgeous.

  10. I love the bead board on the wall, one of my favorites. Your red and white vignette is striking. The signage, boots and advent calendar, all look fab together. I think i really like how the natural basket weave plays into it all as well! I know what you mean about pictures and getting the right one, it can be harrowing, but yours looks lovely :)

  11. I'm always way behind on trends. I'm usually so far behind that I'm actually at the cutting edge of a new trend forming. :) Your entry looks fab.



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