Monday, 13 January 2014

Ten Disasters of 2013

As you guys no I have no shame when it comes to showing all of my fails, here are 10 (I wish I hadn't so many to choose from).

First there was that time I decided to rip off the awesome Danni at Silo Hill Farm, sorry Danni! I peeled all the paint away because i didn't prime..lesson learned!

Or when I tried to make an Abby Cadabby hair tie holder, the laughter in this house could be heard from miles around!

Then I had even more trouble with those darn Sesame Street Characters, how crap is this!

Copying Martha also turned out to be a nightmare, I guess she was thinking of me when she infamously said "who are these bloggers, they're no experts"

My yarn art gave the kids nightmares when it turned out to look like a monster.

The clock my boys hated so much they hid in their wardrobe, I am pleased to say Julian retrived it and put it on his desk, yep he's a keeper!

These bracelets, I was a little kinder in the post for reasons you'll have to guess!

Can't have an ugly necklace without an ugly bracelet!

The Luggage tags will end this misery filled trip down memory lane!

Here's hoping that 2014 has less disasters but I'm positive there will be more!

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. I don't see much wrong with most of these crafts, Mel ! You are waayyy too hard on yourself :-) {but ,,, uhm, the yarn art? - ok, let me shut my O!}

  2. Ah..the priming lesson! Learned that one a time or two myself! I'm with Linda, I think you are too hard on yourself and I think that clock was very cool! yay for Jules!

  3. I really like the clock, apnd the hair bow holder!! Not sure I saw the necklace. Not going to talk about the!

  4. I rarely think your disasters are disasters, true blue that. I can see how lack of prime would end in disaster...I've seen that with professional painters on my house (:enterFumingMadFaceHere:).

    Never mind me, I get easily distracted. ;)

  5. Oh you make me laugh and not because your projects are disasters. I think Abby Cadabby is quite cute, as are all the others. Although priming first does help. But I just love your win or lose approach. For that, I'm inspired :)

  6. OMG the yarn art is my all-time FAVE!!!!!!!! I love that thing!!


  7. Oh Ms. Mel. You are so funny. I love that you share all your successes and your craft mishaps as well. I don't remember the Abby hair tie holder. I don't think it turned out disastrous at all. I look forward to seeing more of your delights and disasters in 2014.

  8. I LOVE this idea and I'm totally stealing it to do a collection of my Pinterest fails. :) However, most of yours actually look great (but I do think the bracelet is a little ugly.) :) The clock is cool! They don't know what they're talking about :)

    1. Oh do it I love seeing fails makes me feel normal lol

  9. Hahaha your hilarious Mel. I love the space invaders clock!

  10. Okay... I'll admit - some of these didn't quite work out.. but what's wrong with the Sesame Street cans? Or the vinyl and paper bags?

    I love your rad spirit, Mel. You tell it like it is!

  11. You can even make your disasters look good!!

  12. I wouldn't call these disasters, they look pretty cute to me!

  13. I think some of these are definitely delights. I do love how you keep it real and share your disasters.

  14. Oh yes, Martha was talking directly to you. You...blogger! At least you're brave enough to put the ones that didn't quite work out so well for all to see. That's what I love! Because, let's face it all those fancy bloggers who only show the good....that's not the way it is. I love ya!


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