Thursday, 16 January 2014

My favorite Trash Chic Posts of 2013

Yep still recapping, actually I'm on holidays and Summer is hot so while the kids are off school I am being a little lazy. Here are my favourite upcycled posts of 2013

Formula tins to laundry Canisters, of i love these and I use them every day!

The ear bud key chains, which the kids used for coins as well as their ear buds.

These Gamer book ends, about the only thing I did in the boys room, other than their doors which they really liked.

The Santa Boots which I truly adore!

The Stacking Cans which the kids absolutely loved!

These are my favourite necklaces and earring sets and the fact they were made for free makes them even better!

This turned out to be the handiest item for my knitting. Love it, Think I need another for when I am using multiple colours.

My first time using chalk paint and I love this for my vinyl!

This upcycled crib rack was just what I needed to complete my craft room.

Last but not least my gorgeous Max in his DIY iPhone costume.

Looking forward to turning more trash into treasure this year!

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. I always love your trashchic projects! The laundry room was was an all time favorite of mine!

  2. Your projects are amazing. YOU seriously are a ball of talent my friend. LOVE it all. I need to start saving cans for things YOU have inspired me.

  3. You are the trash {to treasure} queen ! Love each and all of your projects :-)

  4. Aside from the adorable Max in costume, the Santa boots are my favourite. All that glitter!

  5. The wine rack storage idea is my favorite. :) Hope it has cooled down some for you.

  6. I liked all of these, and I laughed when I got to the iPhone costume, I forgot about that one. :)

  7. Fun with trash to chic on all of these. I think I missed a few of them, so glad to see them now. I really dig those laundry canisters, and the gamer book ends are soooo perfect for a boys room!!! Iphone-Max still wins the prize on cuteness, though.

  8. I was up late last night blog reading, but it fell asleep just before I could read this one:) I was looking at this post thinking how many great organization posts you have. I roll my delicate fabrics so they don't get as creased..your wine rack would be perfect to hold them! I just need more space.....

  9. I love that you called this trash chic. These were some of my favorites and most repinned too!

  10. Oh I miss you and your inventions so much Mel !!!
    That photo of Max is priceless - and his outfit is genius lol
    Ok - back to reno's :(
    Much love,

  11. So many cool ideas! I love the bookends, and the stacking blocks,
    I might have to give those a try.

  12. I saved an empty pickle jar just so I could try and upcycle it. Let's see if your influence has rubbed off. :) You know I love the I-phone

  13. Ha! Great stuff Mel...the boot is still my fave!!



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