Friday, 14 March 2014

Friday Freebie - 100 Days of Happy

Okay so I will admit that this is kind of a weird freebie but stay with me for a sec because who doesn't want to be a little more happy?

The other day I woke up to a Facebook feed full of negativity and I seriously considered just getting rid of my personal Facebook account, I mean is it just my feed or does everybody have those people in their friends list who only ever seem to write depressing updates. I'm not talking about the odd status or a serious problem where people are requesting help from friends or family I just mean those constant attention seeking updates.

I feel like posting this to their status.

In my feed it always seems to be women!

 What I noticed, at least for myself the more time I spent on social media reading these types of updates, even just scrolling through them, the more negative and depressed I started feeling. Negativity is like a virus, and I caught it. Even on here I shared a post about how I had got into a rut I didn't seem to be able to pull myself out of. After I read the lovely comments left, I realised I had passed on the disease, unintentionally but my aim has always to make my blog a happy place.

Anyway the other day I scrolled through six of these negative updates which really were about nothing, when I came across an update about 100 happy days. My friend Leslie over at Violet Imprefection, posted a link which really inspired me, look for the happy in every day.

Basically you sign up and you look for the happiness in each day, you go out of your way to concentrate on doing something that makes you truly happy, snap a picture of it and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

71% of people couldn't complete the 100 days, isn't that crazy? Surely there is something we can all do, and on the cheap to make ourselves feel good. With that thought the happiness bug struck and I have decided to do the challenge.

History says I am not good at keeping things up, but have you ever noticed that goals and resolutions often start with denying ourselves something we like, even if it is bad for us, for me think everything I was giving up in Feb Fast, this is about indulging, spending time but not necessarily money, on what makes me happy.

According to the site

People successfully completing the challenge claimed to:
 - Start noticing what makes them happy every day;
 - Be in a better mood every day;
 - Start receiving more compliments from other people;
 - Realize how lucky they are to have the life they have;
 - Become more optimistic;
 - Fall in love during the challenge.


Come and join me and you can follow on me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram I'll be using the hashtag #Melshappy and the public one for the challenge #100happydays.

If you want sign up (It's Free!) and give it a whirl go here to 100 Happy Days for more information and leave me a comment telling me what social media platforms you're using so I can follow along with you too. I don't know about you but I would much see happy moments clogging up my social media than those vague random posts practically begging for people to ask what's going on.

Lastly I couldn't resist, my Madeleine and Max love to dance to this song and how can you not be happy listening to this!


What's made you happy today?

Mel xo


  1. Oh Mel! You are so right! Since I look at my facebook page first thing in the morning, I have found that sometimes it sets my mood for the day. I know that sounds silly, but it's true. The negativity can be overwhelming on a bad day and on a good day, well I wonder if some of the facebook drama queens (and there are a lot of them) would be happier if they just didn't focus on their own negativity. I will be happy to give this a try, just as soon as I'm done painting and moving!! Hmmm..I should probably figure out twitter or instagram. LOL!

  2. Mel! So weird, on the car radio on the way to work this morning they discussed a story about how Facebook can be causing depression. Their points were exactly as you discuss here, too much whining can be contagious. I'm not on Facebook, but I can definitely see how this could happen.

    Best of luck with your 100 days! That sounds like a grand challenge.

  3. Once they did a study here where they took people who considered themselves lucky, and people who consider themselves unlucky. They put them all in seperate, empty rooms with only a newspaper. In the middle of the paper was a huge ad that read," by reading this you have one $100. Leave the room to collect your prize." The lucky people started collecting within minutes. The unluckies took hours, and some of them walked out never finding their prize, but angry that they were left in the room. We make our own luck by looking for it. It's the same with happiness. We make our happiness, it's a conscious choice. I didn't realize about FB; but how true!! I feel dragged down sometimes after looking at FB. I'm with you, sometimes I want to delete my account too!

  4. What made me happy today? The same as every day! My dog! =D


  5. If your happy and you know it clap your hands CLAP CLAP!!!! My ceiling tiles came today! Plus the sun was shining, got to see all my sisters today and eat at an amazing restaurant! Was a perfect day. Cheers to doing that Mel!

  6. I've heard that song, but hadn't seen that MOST AWESOME video!! No wonder Max and Madeleine love to dance to it! I just started following you on Instagram. I didn't sign up, but I am going to try to follow you along on #100happydays. I used to be a drama queen until one day, I was in the book store and I saw a book titled.. Quit the Drama and Get a Life.
    Somehow that hit me like a ton of bricks and my life is as I know it now is mostly drama free... most days, lol. Although I never could loose that small touch of nuerosis... anyway the Big Girl share at the top of the page says it all...enough with the victim role people. You are already so upbeat, this is just an exercise in happiness for you! Here is to #Melshappy!!

  7. I noticed your hashtag the other day. I was curious. Love that you are participating in something so positive and happy. I agree, too many people focus on the negative and just like to complain. I'm definitely not a glass half full kind of a girl BUT I work hard to try and be. Love this post and the opportunity to change an attitude.

  8. What a great idea. What has made me happy today....I ripped out as many weeds as I could from my flower beds. I am much happier now when I look outside and see the clean dirt, crocus in white and purple, iris leaves straight and tall and heads of peonies poking out.

  9. I think positive begets positive, no doubt about it. And I love that you're taking action to help spread happy/good. :)

  10. I hate Facebook, I used to have one but you're so right, it was way more negative than positive. The video wouldn't load on my phone... I'll try to watch it later. I like your happy challenge. I'll look for you on instagram.


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