Monday, 10 June 2013

It's a Steal - Party Time Over at The Inspiration Cafe

For the last 5 weeks the ladies of the Inspiration Cafe have been knocking each other off left, right and center!

Now it's your turn, if you have "knocked off" or been inspired by another blogger we would love to have you come and join us at the cafe for our "It's a Steal" party.

This party is open through till Saturday and we'll be sharing our favorites Sunday!

Please make sure any projects inspired by another blogger includes full credit to the original post.

Click on the Cafe door to check it out!

Inspiration Cafe is looking for guest posters. If you would like to guest post, please let us know, we would love to have you.  If you would prefer a feature instead, feel free to drop us a line. New or old posts welcome.


  1. I'm off to look through my blog and link something up!!!

  2. Hey, I actually have something this week. It's old, and I never knew who I stole it from (which I noted in the post), but I'm still meeting the criteria to hop. Woot! :)


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