Friday, 7 June 2013

Nappy Rash - Cured!

Hey all,

First up I want to say this post is not sponsored, but it's so amazing that I wanted to share it with all the Mums out there who have children with nappy rash.

A few weeks back I was at a blogging conference and I had the opportunity to meet a few different brands who were giving away samples of their products, one of which came from the Australian company, Brauer.

The women demonstrating spent some time telling me about their bath and body wash range and said their products contained "no nasties" basically I listened to their product spin, thanked them for the sample and then moved on to the next product.

Now I'm a budget shopper and I buy everything on the cheap, however Max has had a terrible time with constant nappy rash. His little bottom just continually bled it has been awful. Every nappy change has been a nightmare, I've literally tried every product available to me including, off the shelf, prescription creams and the old fashion corn starch, olive oil ect. Then at night when bath time rolled around the screaming of poor Max has just been dreadful, he would fight me to sit in the water because his bottom was just raw.

Anyway I decided to give the Brauer Bath and Body wash a try, I could not believe it, he sat in the bath and for the first time in about a year he played in the bath, in fact he didn't want to get out! He was having the time of his life. 

Well that was enough for me to love it, but it got better, to my amazement after a few more nights the rash was completely gone! I truly wish I had before and after photos (although I'm not sure I want his little bottom on the internet).

This product is amazing and it is now a no compromise thing for me, I'm happy to pay the bit extra compared to some of the other brands and believe me when I say I'm as frugal as can be, feeding a family of 7 means I always buy the cheapest or generic brands this is worth the little extra.

In fact the only problem I had was one little rubber ducky and two kids in the bath.

Again, I have not been paid for this post, and the sample given to me was handed out to everyone who attended I was under no obligation to advertise it for them. If you have a little one suffering from skin rashes, I highly recommend giving the range a try. You can read more about the Brauer range here / Products can be found at Woolworths stores.

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo

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  1. I checked out their site and it looks like it's only available in Australia. The products are pretty impressive! Glad the little guy is better.

  2. So glad poor Max is better, can really sympathise with you - we have the same problem with my middle guy and his excema. Bath time is not fun time!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  3. Well this should have been a paid post Mel - what a glowing report - alas I no longer have to worry about rashed bottoms LOL

  4. Those folks should send you a case of that stuff! Somehow you need to let them know you have spread the news of their product to the US and Canada!! I'm so glad it a pediatric nurse, I have seen plenty of raw bottoms and it is just painful to hear those little ones cry whenever they are touched! Ow!!

  5. Mel, that is awesome and I sure could have used that stuff when my kids were little! You should forward this post to that company.

  6. Aw, poor Max! I remember way back when one of my kiddos had problems with rash- the oozing raw skin was awful. Ended up being an allergy to the diapers. So glad you found a solution for Max.

  7. That is great news Mel!! Nothing worse than a nagging diaper rash. You should send this on to the manufacturer. They will be happy for the publicity.

  8. Oh poor little Max! My Ethan has super sensitive skin so he's very susceptible to rash too. Isn't just the worst when you can't help them feel better? But this stuff seems like a miracle! I'm going to pin this just in case I need it again.. But I hope I don't ;)

  9. So glad your baby is feeling better. Happy baby, happy momma :-)

  10. Don't you just love when you try a product and it actually works like it says it should? Especially when it's for the little ones!! So glad to hear that Max is feeling better :)

  11. Ha. I love that the only problem you had was 2 little ones in the tub with one duck :). How funny. I love that, even though it wasn't sponsored, you took the time to share a product you believe in.

  12. Don't you just love it when you come across a truly awesome product???!!


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