Friday, 26 July 2013

Blogger Swap

When you first start blogging you wonder will anyone ever want to read what you've written and then you get that first real reader the one who comes back the next day and the one after that, always full of encouragement and it's an amazing feeling. For me that very first person was the gorgeous Estelle from Twinkle's Tutorials and Craft Time who comes all the way from Wales. She does all types of fun crafts and throws amazing parties for her 4 kids.

Anyway one day we were talking swaps and decided to do one and here is the lovely things she so generously sent me.

I opened the box and on the top which is just out of the frame it said G'day Mel and there was this pretty handmade sign. I love the Hollywood/Mellywood play.

Underneath that were so many lovely wrapped gifts.

The map of Australia and a bow pinned where I live.

Pin cushion jar filled with the cutest spools, pegs, twine and ribbons

Another sweet quote for the craft room all in my colours.

Crafting supplies to play with, look at that yarn, how cool is that!! Stickers full of bling, pearls and all that girly stuff we both have a fondess for. You'll be seeing a lot more of that soon.

These are symbols from Wales, the dragon dates back to King Arthur, and our family being fans of history and the boys being obsessed with Arthur Pendragon, the Knights Table and Merlin thought this was so cool. The ornate spoon is a replica as ones given as tokens of love and represent the Celtic patterns. Being from an Irish background Celtic history holds a lot of interest for us too.

Beautiful postcards from the equally beautiful Cardiff, amazing!

I couldn't wait to get the quotes up on my wall, as well as the embroidery hoop

Then once it was all done she popped in a lovely treat of chocolate to be washed down with even more hot chocolate

Thanks so much Estelle for your generosity and for being an awesome blog friend, one day I hope we can meet in person and watch reruns of Scott and Charlene's wedding while listening to Kylie...and I love that you know exactly what I mean! 

Don't forget to pop across and say hi to Estelle and you can see what I sent her here.

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. What an exciting package to receive ! You're already having fun - can't wait to see how you will use these goodies ;-)

  2. That's so nice Mel. Blogging sure has opened up the world to me too.

    Anne xx

  3. Oh Mel, it made my heart smile to see the pics adorning your craft room walls! They look right at home there. Thanks again for your generous and thoughtful swap goodies - I really love them. Even though it is Summer here, can't wait for Winter to wear my scarf :) So glad we 'met', would love to sit and re-watch the 'real' royal wedding with you ;)

    Yay for Australia's biggest ironing board!

    Mahoosive hugs, your crazy Welsh friend, Estelle xx

  4. Awesome!!! I just had a bloggy friend send me some of her beautiful hand-made cards (haven't received them yet), but now I'm trying to come up with something fun to send her in return. Such a cool gift!!


  5. That is awesome! Such a sweet and thoughtful package!


  6. That's very touching Mel! You have found a wonderful friend! We all have met the nicest people through blogging.

  7. How generous and thoughtful? They look good in your new craft room set-up Mel, enjoy them all!

  8. How fun! Your goodies look perfect in your craft room. I love the Mellywood sign.

  9. That's so nice Mel! Your Mellywood sign looks awesome in your new craft room.

  10. Well how fun is that??!! Like Christmas! I love that Mellywood sign too...actually, I love all of it. What a fun swap! Off to check hers out!

  11. Wow, that is what all this is really about... making friends. She sure knows you well her goodies fit right in with your craft room, as I'm sure the Cadbury's does too!

  12. Bloggy friends are the best!! What a fun idea and some lovely handiwork!! I have a friend who travels to England frequently. She always brings me Galaxy chocolate bars but never the hot chocolate. Guess I will have to put that on my wish list. Cheers to you two.
    cc Estelle

  13. wow! How fun to get a package in the mail like that!! Very fun package!
    Emily @

  14. What a fun exchange. I saw what you sent to Estelle, loved the package you put together for her. I love the homemade sign she made for you and all the other thoughtful things she included. The best part of blogging is the friendship you make for sure!


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