Thursday, 6 September 2012

A Special Invitation....The Laundry!

Well my friends I did it, I finished,  presenting The Laundry.


 Okay you don't need a special invitation, but I did recieve one, I won't be RSVPing any time soon (I hope)

The depend advertisement here states if your over 35 and have had children, you'll probably be needing these. My kids think this is the most hilarious thing and feel the need to make sure I am aware I fit this description, oh they're hilarious..not!

Anyhow, the image we've all been waiting for....The Laundry.

Firstly apologies once again for the photos, tiny room issues (and bad photo taker/editor)

I'm loving this, I painted the trim pink, because in this room, no one else cares, and I love pink. Added the curtains (probably should have mopped first)

You may note that I ended up putting a third bracket on the shelf, it started to bow a little in the middle. The light fitting is pink "crystals" it was one of those DIY fitted ones, took all of 5 minutes!

So in short it started like this

Then I painted the stencil on the wall

Made the ABIB

Who can forget my troubles with the Laundry Station

Added Mellywood's Mantra

Horrified you with my But-Ahh cans

Framed my whining iron

Horsed around with my clothes horse organizer

Danced at the Sock Hop

Force fed the kids pasta so I could make these

Added the Pointless Quilt

In spite of all the trial and error, I am so happy with the result. I now have a room I'm happy with and with my laundry loads, it's just as well.

DIY Delight or Disaster? DELIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think?

Thanks for reading

Mel xo


  1. Wow you have done a fantastic job at breathing life into the laundry! You have made it a space that one might just not mind being in - definitely this would make me want to wash a few more clothes. I have a hideous laundry to tackle soon, you have made me feel much better about it :-)

  2. Your laundry looks great. I love all your DIY projects. Such a bright room you have.

  3. I'm jealous.....that's all I can say!
    I would LOVE for you to come and redo my laundry space!

    You are very talented!

    Your newest fan,
    Kelly at Smart! School {House}

  4. Damn almost make me want to do laundry! I don't have a laundry room..just an area. I'm so jealous of your bright and cheery looking space! Awesomely major project!

  5. I especially love the framed ironing board. So cute!
    Stacia @

  6. Danni said to check you out and I did. Danni said you were funny and you are. She didn't tell me to join your site, I did that all on my own! This won't be nearly as cool when you learn the arts of tight shots, photo editing and out right lying. Your laundry room has turned out great! ~ Maureen

  7. It turned out great! It's so light and airy! A room you want to look at it's so pretty! You've been busy busting out projects and man does it look good! Exclamation points everywhere!

  8. OMG is so very very gorgeous!!!!! Can I come a live in your laundry? So much work, but so worth it. Your colours are just beautiful. :) You go girl!!!!!

  9. Soooo pretty and girly! Well done!

  10. Looks really good Job well done

  11. Love it ! We are busy {almost done} with our laundry - wish I'd seen yours first to get some inspiration. I am following you now via GFC!

  12. Im following you now from Danni's post at Silo Hill Farm. Following on Gfc, check out my blog at when u have time, would love a follow. Your blog is great!

  13. I love it! I could spend hours in there, (but not doing the laundry lol!) Well done, you have 'delighted' me on each visit!

    Keep up the fab, fun posts!

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  14. Wow! What an awesome room! Laundry is not a fun task but I'd be hunting for dirty clothes with a laundry room like that :)

  15. I love it! It's so bright and fresh. I would love doing laundry in there.

  16. So cute! Love the colors and DIY designs. Stopping by from the Weekend Wrap Up {Tatertots and Jello}.

  17. This looks too lovely to be a laundry room! I would be making things dirty on purpose :)


  18. So pretty! I love the transformation! I'd love for you to share this at my link party!


  19. Just lovely! New follower too.. Hope you can follow back as well :)

    Thanks so much for sharing this at the Weekend Wonders link party! Hope to see you back on Thursday Have a great day :)

  20. This is so fun! I LOVE it! I would love if you would share this at my Crazy Cute Party happening right now! I've got a totally awesome giveaway that you could win just for linking up! Come on over! ;D

    Between U & Me Blog

    Oh! And I'm your newest follower!

  21. What a great little space to do laundry. Great personal touches too.

  22. I love it, and I'm going to do it too, I love pink but alas have a husband and a boy, so the laundry room is mostly my area to do in pink! Thank you for the idea.

  23. One of the most beautiful laundry rooms ever! I love all those bright colors. Megan

  24. I wish you would come and do my laundry room - I do my laundry with the lights off. :( I would love to do laundry in this room. Pinning!

  25. This is crazy cute, and you are hilarious, a woman after my own heart. Hubs and I have a question though......what is an ABIB? Did you make a cover to go over the appliances? Is that what.s under the breadboard and shelf area? If so, you are a much better woman than I will EVER This is a fab room, and one that even a spoiled princess like myself (yet, I still don't have a launderess) would be thrilled to do my dirty laundry in. *Claps*

    1. Hi Ana, the ABIB stands for Australia's biggest ironing board, it's self proclaimed but I'm still owning it. :) it is the thing sitting on top of the appliances.

      Thanks so much for coming over
      Mel xo

  26. OMG this is SOOOO sweet! I love it so much! I only have a laundry closet ;( but as soon as I can expand it in any way, I', totally stealing your ideas!


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