Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Stock up for Christmas!

Hey Guys,

Kids love stuff with their names on it!

Vistaprint does all sorts of personalized goodies and last year I filled my kids stocking with bits and bobs from their products that had their name on it and a little graphic to go with their interests.

For my lot, I got the older boys, USB's, torches, mugs and a pen each and I bought Elizabeth, personalized notebook, pen, mug and a fun little bag.

Here's Jack with bed hair on Christmas morning sporting his new mug!

For Jule's stocking I bought bottle openers, a can holder for cold drinks and a mug, in fact I loved the mugs so much I bought myself one which appeared on the blog way back in Jan for my first self portrait post.

Anyway Vistaprint are having a back to school sale and I thought it might be a fun, cheap idea to pass on to anyone who needs to buy small gifts for teens/tweens or adults. There are things for younger children but I haven't personally bought any of them.

You could also look at using it for teachers gifts as well. just click on the picture to take a look at the range.

I don't want to sound all sales pitchy, since it is an affliate link, so I will just say, I use them and the products are great and my lot loved them. Most things for teens are really expensive and I just bought these items throughout the year whenever they had their sales and it worked out to be a cool but cheap way to fill the stockings

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo


  1. Great ideas for stocking stuffers, Mel, because I think you're right, kids do love stuff with their name on it :)

  2. I've used VistaPrint for my business since...before they ere very well known. I've never had a late or incorrect order...I've never had to sit on the phone on hold- I love VistaPrint<3

  3. I've used VistaPrint before too- and only have great things to say about it!

    (And don't ever worry about pitching your affiliate links or whatever, Mel. Blogging is an all-consuming job and sometimes, Mama's got to get paid! At least... that's what this mama tells herself!)

  4. I like names on stuff or even just an initial. Dimitri loves his name and would totally go for something like this. We have a similar store close to us {never been inside, but the window display is awesome}, but now you've given me ideas for,.. well Christmas stocking fillers ;-)

  5. I've never used VistaPrints, but I'll check them out. Also, with a name like Danni...I never had any personalized stuff when I was a kid.

  6. I have used Vistaprint. They are pretty good. I had business cards made for my bath products years ago. Quick shipping and sometimes free shipping. Never really thought of them for gifts though. What a great idea Mel!

  7. I've used Vistaprint before because they have so much to offer and are so reasonably priced. I order personalized calendars from them and upload my own pictures to them for Christmas gifts.

    And, I had always wondered where you got your cute little mug :)

  8. Wait. Does this mean that Christmas comes at a different time for you people too? Winter is Summer, Christmas is the Fourth of July. No wait...Memorial Day. No wait...

    You guys don't have that either. I'm getting so confused.

    -andi :P

  9. Oh my gosh what a smart idea! I've ordered from Vistaprint before too and I've always been really happy with them. I'm loving the mug idea.. I'm going to start watching sales :) Everyone needs a good mug with their name on it!

  10. These are good ideas...similar to one I have for Christmas...ah ah ah...you just have to wait.

  11. I love Vistaprint, they always have such good deals and products.

    E xx

  12. What a great idea for stocking stuffers! I'll have to go look around. I'm always scrounging last minute for ideas.


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