Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Vinyl iPad Cover

Morning All,

You might remember that meter of vinyl I bought to make my bag well I had loads of it left so I thought I might make a cover for my ipad. The case I made a while back, is great for at home but I wanted something to keep it safe in my bag when I took it outside the house. Want to make one? (Keep in mind I'm not a "sewer" so there are no professional instructions)


  • Vinyl - Cut 1 42.5cm x 28cm (16.75"x11")
  • Elastic, I used fancy stuff, but plain would be fine (maybe even better) cut 7cm (3")
  • Flannel - Cut 2 22.5cm x 28cm (8.75" x 11")
  • A vinyl needle for my sewing machine
  • Sewing machine and supplies
  • A Hair tie (or elastic)
  • Buttons ( you need one to close it the others are optional for embellishments)

I couldn't figure out how I would attach the elastic so I cut one piece for the back and two pieces for the front.

I eyeballed the vinyl so I could see how it would sit on my ipad they worked out to be 3 inches

And sewed them on using 1/8 of an inch as the seam, then using 1/4 inch seam, sewed the two inner pieces together (right sides facing)

With right sides facing and I placed the hair tie in where I wanted the closure I sewed around with a 1/4 inch seam leaving a small opening to turn it inside out.

Since the vinyl can't be ironed flat like fabric it was sticking up a little I top stitched all the way around which also closed the gap left from turning it in the right way. That worked it now sits nicely.

Sew on the button and she's done, I added the flowers so it would match in with my vinyl bag.

DIY Delight or disaster? When I saw that vinyl sticking up I thought it was going to be a disaster.  However the top stitching made a huge difference and now I like it, so delight!

Now I need to try a phone one...or maybe quit while I'm ahead!

Thanks for reading,

 Mel xo


  1. Delight! I love your little flowers too. For "not a sewer" you sure did make a cute little cover!

  2. That turned out great! Those flowers are really cute on the front too.

  3. I love your ruffly elastic! Oooh la la. So cute! I think it's a delight! Thinking I might just have to get me some vinyl and make one for Ryan...minus the ruffles. I'm sure he'd object.

  4. Very Cute! However, I am here to tell you something else. Congratulations! You have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check out the details here: http://regina-atthelake.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-versatile-blogger-award.html

    Regina Partain

  5. I like the ruffly elastic...makes it look like iPad lingerie...


  6. You are a sewing maven. I love it. I don't have an ipad :( but if I did, I would want to make one of these for sure.

  7. I loved your first one, and love this one, too. Way to put that hair tie to use :)

  8. I love this Mel and I love that is matches your bag. I really need to make Gabe a cover for his.

  9. This is adorable! You should sell these girl! GREAT job! Always impressed by you here :)

  10. You say you're not a sewer, Mel..but I beg to differ! This is really cute...but first..I need Sam to buy me an iPad!!

  11. Love it! You really should sell these- separately, or as a set with the matching purse. I need an ipad!

  12. How clever! I love this! (You could also make an adorable wallet/clutch with this vinyl as well!)

  13. This is so cute. I REALLY want an iPad more than ever now!!

  14. Super cute, Mel! I love this! The flowers are gorgeous too!
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  15. For someone who can't sew, you sure crank out a lot of pretties from that machine of yours! Another cool project Mel!

  16. Super cute. I love the small flowers on it :)

  17. This is really cute Mel. Thanks for linking it up last week to Thriving on Thursday.

    Anne xx

  18. So cute and practical!! Thanks for linking up at Think Tank Thursday. I have featured you today at saving4six(dot)com.

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