Thursday, 22 August 2013

Silhouette Toiletry Bag

This week I had to get Elizabeth off to camp, and she needed a toiletry bag to carry all her stuff, so I made this fun personalized silhouette bag. I really wish getting her to the drop off point had been as easy as the making of this bag!

A few kids from each of the local schools are chosen to attend this camp and the drop off was at a designated place that I had never been to before, before we begin let's understand I am direction-ally challenged. If cartography was my business 200 odd years ago, Australia would not be known to the rest of the world, I suck, I get lost everywhere!

So the night before I discover I could have avoided this trip if she had given me the permission slip to be driven by one of the teachers, so I'm already annoyed. I jump on Whereis print off the directions and we head out Monday morning.

As I start heading in the opposite direction I realize that the directions are clearly wrong, when I ended up on a dirt road and turned into a private driveway I knew I was lost. At this point Max is screaming and then he starts everywhere and doesn't stop. I am now crying, cussing and on the phone to the school trying to figure out how to get the bus to wait for us. Their response, you should have looked it up before you left...I swear if I had been in physical contact I think I would have smacked her out. In the end, I drove back to the road I knew headed in the direction of the town and found it on my own, with 1 minute to spare...HORROR MORNING!

Anyway here's how I made the bag you'll need:
  • Plastic vinyl (not the sticky kind)
  • Fabric
  • Vinyl (the sticky kind)
  • Cord
  • General sewing supplies

I had to do math for this and I forgot how to figure out the circumference of a circle and embarrassingly asked the boys what the equation was, to get the measurements.

From the clear vinyl cut an 8 inch circle and a rectangle 25.6" x 7"
From the fabric a rectangle 25.6" x 5" and sew them together right sides facing.

Preset your casing by folding down a 1" hem and press, but don't sew, I did and when it came to the casing I had to unpick..doh!

Now add your vinyl, I did a silhouette of her head and her name.

Now sew the casing and sew the side seam except for the casing because you will be putting your cord through it and stitch the bottom circle to it.

Because the cording unravels I like to make sure I pin all of the cord strands and pull it through, and turn right side out!

After all the mucking about I actually made something that looks okay and works!


Diy Delight or Disaster? So far everything to do with this camp has been a nightmare....except for the bag, so delight. Seriously people the drive there was an hour the drive home 18 minutes wish me luck for the pick up. Oh well the bag with the silhouette, it's "ahead" of the rest!

Please tell me you have been lost before, I normally call my Dad and cry, until he calmly directs me but he was away and I couldn't reach him. When he reads this he will be so glad the phone was off! Actually I'm surprised he has never considered giving me a GPS for Christmas.

Thanks for reading,

Mel xo

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  1. My husband got me a GPS a couple of years investment ever. I used to get lost going around the block.

    Glad you got there w/a minute to spare (that must have been a huge relief). Sorry the trip there was rough, & I hope your little one's not sick for long. :(

    The bag is a delight!!

  2. I'm so glad you made in time. :) I'm the opposite I remember where places are from twenty years ago and could drive there right now. Wynn is the same way...yesterday she told my mother in law she was going the wrong way and turns out she was right. :) Lol. I think your bag is a delight!

  3. Sorry to hear you had such a nightmare journey and poor Max, bless him! I don't drive, but every time we go up to Scotland to visit hub's family, we always get lost - it's like tradition now lol! Hope the pick up is less stressful for you.

    I love the silhouette bag - very unique, bet Elizabeth loves it!

    Big hugs, Estelle xx

  4. Such a cute little bag Mel! I'll bet it's a hit! Good luck with the camp pick up!

  5. I def smell a GPS in your future. Although it's been my experience that they tend to lead you down dirt roads that even the dingos never knew about.

    I have serious silhouette envy. Maybe I'll ask for that for Christmas...


  6. Mel, will I upset you if I admit that I have a gps inside my head... I seem to have this knack for always knowing where I am and not getting lost, it's weird but true and I think it's genetic because my son has the same ability. Now when it comes to remembering what day camp starts, what time, or which kid is supposed to go off to camp, that's when I get in trouble as my memory is most awful:-) So glad you made the bus in the knick of time. That bag is so cute I'll bet her friends all want you to make them one as well. Hope Max is feeling better ~ Amy

  7. Invest in a GPS, Mel, or better still, keep hinting to your Dad and maybe he'll buy you one. Turn me around once in a shopping centre and I get lost. Funnily enough, now that I've had a GPS for a while now, my sense of direction is improving. I think that's because I rarely panic now, knowing that the GPS is in the glove box when I need it. Good luck with the pick up!!!

  8. Oh, Mel. I can totally relate. I get lost ALL the time. I swear, Grace can find her way around better than I can. I had to laugh that the return trip home took 42 less minutes. That would so happen to me. The bag turned out adorable. Personal, see through, perfect!

  9. That turned out awesome Mel! Poor poor Max, and poor you. Oh my gosh! What a day! At least you got Elizabeth there in time. I have to say that I'm very good at finding my way around, but I totally suck at giving anyone else directions because I can't remember the names of any roads. "Oh you just turn at the big falling down tree" I'll say, "and make a right where Mr. Smith used to live before he died ten years ago". Honestly, I'll never get lost myself, but I can so easily lead anyone on a very confusing journey. I want a Silhouette!!!

  10. So cute Mel! I love google maps for that very reason!! Gets me where I need to go...except when it gets me lost. The bag is perfect for Elizabeth!

  11. Sister SUE ...If I owned a magazine.. YOU would be in charge of the craft section..ONCE again PERFECTION .. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT

  12. Oh, I hate getting lost. Every time I think that I've lost my way, I start to talk out loud - and this really freaks Lila out. She starts to panic and talk loudly, "Where are we? Are we LOST!?? Did you go THE WRONG WAY!?!"

    It rattles me every time.

    The toiletry bag is awesome! It turned out so well. I'm sure that Elizabeth loves it!

  13. I love the bag- I probably would have pulled out a gift bag and gone with that. Yep, I'm lazy.
    As for getting lost, I got turned around in our church once upon a time, and my GUEST had to point me in the right direction. ~sigh~ Yes, I get lost all the time, hate it, scares me. I don't do as much yard saling now because I can't remember how to get out of neighborhoods! :P

  14. Poor Mel and Max. I can totally relate. My kids can't believe how I can get lost just walking out the door. Hopefully Max was feeling better and I hope your daughter has a fantastic time! She will be sporting a very fancy bag! Hopefully her return is less dramatic and yes, you should definitely put a GPS on your wishlist. It's always right (even when hubby tells you to go the opposite way cuz it's wrong) lol

  15. Oh I'm sorry you had such a horrible time with the drop off Mel.. At least now you know where it is to go pick her up. One time I got lost three times taking the back roads to the next town over.. I still haven't lived that down lol!

    Love this bag too!! I wish I would have made some for our camping trip last month. They would have been super useful :) Great Great instructions.

  16. That was a hectic morning!! The bag is a delight! You know I respect all sewing people!! Nice job Mel!

  17. Love the bag, Mel! And because it is vinyl, it can only be wiped clean as these toiletry bags can get messy! I'm about to start on a 2 piece set for Cheri {more make-up related, though} We have a GPS, but somehow, Roy always knows better than the GPS ! Drives me crazy, but it helps the kids a lot when they have weekends away :-) --- actually, I wonder WHO has the GPS now ....

  18. Such an Awesome little bag, I should try one at home. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Easton Personalized Toiletry Bags


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